24 December 2012

in which i commence the double play dumping

let's start off this next installment with mike bordick and his 1993 donruss spirit of the game card
on which he is seen
that's right!  i think this play is captured on another bordick card.  or, maybe dave winfield was forced out on the front end of a different double play in oakland in 1992.  it's possible.  we'll see that other card sometime this week.

here's a 1993 fleer flair (i don't just say flair for some reason) barry larkin
again with barry bonds, just like his 1994 fleer ultra card we saw earlier today.

1993 upper deck sp eric young
featuring a lurking kurt stillwell, owner of many double play cards himself.

here's another ryne sandberg dp card, this one is from 1994 leaf
and this one is from 1994 score
we saw the gold rush version in the previous post.

here's another 1994 score dp card - this one features mickey morandini
in dodger stadium with brett butler sliding in

now, it's felix fermin time!  here's his 1994 score select card
and here's his 1994 topps stadium club card
which looks a lot like jody reed's 1994 topps stadium club card
reed has another dp card in the set that shows him with the dodgers.  i showed that card in this post.

jeff treadway also has two cards in the 1994 topps stadium club set.  this one seems to show him making the turn
his other one shows him as a dodger applying a tag at second, sort of.  it's nice, but not a dp turn.

stay tuned, more double play cards to come!

1 comment:

Jeff Wilk said...

I am thinking that Bordick is the same play on both cards. To me, the placement of Winfield's errant helmet is the tie between the two.