16 December 2012

rounding up the tip

today we have the third installment of the 1979 post raisin bran steve garvey's baseball tips series, in which i do my part to get the dodger players ready for spring training by reminding them of the fundamentals.  let's find out how to round first base.
i find it oh so very interesting that the illustration shows the runner touching the inside corner of the base with his left foot.  i was always taught to touch with my right foot - it's the foot that should get there quicker.  

anyway, i tried to find some cards that demonstrated rounding first as the garv recommends, but found only examples of rounding third.  same concept, though.  here's the back of brett butler's 1993 upper deck card
and, of course, darryl strawberry's fantastic 1992 topps card.
both touching down with their right foot.  although i guess bill mazeroski used his left foot as seen on this 2001 topps card
sometimes, you don't need to round the base, you just need to touch it.  like luis gonzalez in the 2001 world series
the scene on that 2002 upper deck card reminds me of the 62nd home run mark mcgwire hit in 1998 and  the fact that dave mckay had to remind big mac to be sure to touch first base.

thanks for the tip, mr. garvey!

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