31 December 2012

the turns of kent

i don't seem to have any cards of jeff kent turning two while he was a dodger.  that's too bad, because i know i have cards of him doing so as a met and, as we will see shortly, as a giant.  i did stumble across this oddball a few weeks ago, however, and while not quite as cool as a double play turn, it was still interesting enough to acquire.  besides, it features kent as a dodger.  it's a card from 2005 topps hot button
which as far as i can tell was some sort of electronic game - possibly intended to compete with mlb showdown.  it must not have done well, because it didn't stick around, and topps moved on to toppstown and attax.

so, here are some gigante kent double play cards, as promised up top.  some of them aren't half bad.

2001 upper deck
1998 topps
these guys would eventually be teammates in los angeles

1999 pacific crown collection
2001 leaf rookies and stars
another card from 2001 upper deck - this one masquerading as a checklist
these two guys would be teammates, too - in houston

here's kent's 2002 upper deck card
which i believe features the same play shown on his 2001 leaf rookies and stars card i showed above.  i believe r&s came out late enough in the season for it to feature action from the 2001 season, which makes sense because adam hyzdu didn't play against the giants in 2000.  on 8/2/01, however, hyzdu did play in a day game at san francisco in which he was out on the front end of a double play that ended the 8th inning.  thanks baseball reference!

continuing on, here's kent's 2002 upper deck authentics card
featuring two future dodgers, although they were not teammates.

kent has also appeared on other double play cards, such as this 1998 pacific jose vizcaino card
and this 2003 topps opening day rich aurilia card
there are actually a couple more kent double play cards that i am on the lookout for - 2001 pacific and 2001 pacific private stock extreme action - if anyone can help.  it's weird, i know, to be wanting cards featuring a giant.  the things i do for some double play action...

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arpsmith said...

I love seeing Giants cards on your blog! Pretty crazy that he had so many as a Giant and none as a Dodger.