31 December 2012

double play turns continue

let's burn through some more double play cards.  i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there are still a few more posts queued up.  

here's a 1999 topps roger cedeno card
i believe that this is from may 6, 1998 - the only day game cedeno played in atlanta during the 1998 season.  and, that would mean that he broke up the double play as keith lockhart did not make the dp pivot successfully that day.

here's jose vizcaino's 1999 topps card
on which he appears to be more successful than lockhart.

here's a good progression of a double play turn - 1999 topps bret boone
the ball transfer.

1999 topps miguel cairo
ready to throw.

and 1999 topps ray durham
avoid the runner!

durham also has a dp turn on his 1996 upper deck collector's choice card
as do tim bogar
and jose hernandez
here's craig biggio's 1997 bowman card
just a little over a week until we find out if this is 'hall of famer' craig biggio

here's a 1997 pacific rene gonzales
and a randy velarde from the same set
nice to see walt weiss on a dp card other than one of his own.

now for some card backs, courtesy of 1997 upper deck.  here's alex gonzalez
mickey morandini
and rey sanchez
who also makes an appearance on liu rodriguez's 1999 fleer tradition update card
that's some instant karma for you.

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