15 December 2012

2 x 3 = 55 x 2 and more

i recently completed a trade with jeff at 2x3 heroes.  here is some of what he sent my way.  

1986 topps orel hershiser
and 2010 topps national chicle russell martin
two guys who wore number 55 for the dodgers.  hence the title of the post.  this next guy wore number 6 during his lone year in dodger blue, much to my chagrin.  it's aaron miles and his 2012 topps heritage card
the first topps heritage cards i saw in 2012 were posted on night owl's blog.  i immediately questioned why topps was showing the non-league leader in the center of the league leader cards.  here's the national league leader board, with third place albert pujols getting what was, in 1963, the leader's spot
and, here's the era leaders card, on which cliff lee gets the glory despite having an era 0.12 runs higher than the actual league leader clayton kershaw
note to topps - in 2013, the leader gets the big picture on topp
so, for kershaw, we should see a big picture on the era leader card and a small photo on the strikeout leader card.  unless topps wants to goof up again and give us a big kershaw pic on the strikeout card.

here are a couple of new-to-me dee gordon cards that jeff sent - 2012 bowman
and 2012 topps wal-mart blue border exclusive thingy
there were also a couple of 'available to you regardless of where you shop' gold bordered cards in the package, too.  here's a 2012 topps kenley jansen
and a 2012 topps joe mauer
thanks for the trade jeff!

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Unknown said...

Glad to fill up your box/binder. Those cards look way better posted on your blog than mine. Especially that Mauer. :)