03 December 2012

six cards and a cloud of dust - how kirk gibson steered me wrong

i was wandering the aisles of one of the multitude of local pharmacies recently, waiting for a prescription to be filled.  on a shelf in the toy aisle sat a baseball card repack, looking out at me with its junk wax upper deck and pacific nolan ryan tribute thingy.  actually, one of the cards on top was this 1991 upper deck kirk gibson card
i figured that was a good sign, and i bought the pack.  i should have left it on the shelf.  not that i expected to get anything worthwhile, i just shouldn't have bothered.  at least i get a post out of it, i guess.  here's the breakdown of the 101 cards by team:

3 unknown teams (minor leagues)/checklists
2 diamondbacks
8 braves
3 cubs
2 reds
3 rockies
1 marlin
1 astro
3 brewers
6 expos
3 mets
5 phillies (including the oldest card in the pack - a 1981 donruss greg gross)
2 pirates
2 cardinals
3 padres
3 giants
2 angels
9 orioles
2 red sox
6 white sox
1 indian (with the newest card in the pack - a 2011 topps team card)
4 tigers
3 royals
3 twins
3 yankees
1 a's
4 mariners
0 rays
4 rangers
3 blue jays
plus, there were 6 dodgers.  here are the others

1987 topps ed vande berg
 1989 fleer franklin stubbs
1990 upper deck john wetteland
1993 upper deck sp eric davis
and 1997 topps todd worrell
there was one other card that came from the pack that i deem worthy of my gaze - a 1997 topps card of former dodger darrin fletcher
although he's obscured by fletcher's name (it's not fletch f. fletcher), dodger roger cedeno makes an appearance.

when a card featuring roger cedeno is the highlight, you know that the purchase was a bust.  if only it qualified for hsa reimbursement.

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Ana Lu said...

Love the dusty cards! You had some fun opening it so that's what counts.