15 December 2012

the twins clean house, i add more cards

i should take a lesson from the twins.  they reently traded away two of their more popular outfielders - denard span
and ben revere
while i took part in padrographs 2012 topps heritage high number 'break'.  not only did rod send me the twins' cards from that set (including the span up top), he also sent me a healthy stack of twins cards from other recent releases.  that 2012 topps ben revere is the first gold rush card i have added to my collection.

here's a regular 2012 topps card that i didn't have before
i have let my vladdy pc slide the last few years.  it's too bad that he didn't get to the majors last year - he's one home run shy of 450, and 9 hits behind steve garvey on the all-time list.  i should note that i also claimed the yankees from the heritage high numbers set for trade bait. as a result, i got the ichiro card.  he looked better in the mariners' colors, in my opinion.

here's a double play card that rod included - a 2010 upper deck matt tolbert card
obviously, it was included in the package because tolbert was a twinkie.  the cloud of dirt was at first unnoticed by me, but i think it verifies that this is a dp turn.  tolbert, by the way, spent 2012 in the cubs' organization.

with all these twins players on the move, it's comforting to know that good ol' tc bear will always be around
although i am of the opinion that tc should be a black bear, given the bear population that actually exists in minnesota.  

rod also included a singular padre card in the package.  it was a 1986 fleer mini steve garvey card
the photo for which was probably taken very close to the same time as his regular 1986 fleer card
the mini card is smaller than it appears to be here, but the text is also shrunken - more than an proportionate amount.  kind of like the twins' major league roster.

thanks rod!

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