30 December 2012

veteran double play makers

and so the double play turns continue.  here are some guys you have seen before, but not on these cards - at least on this blog.  omar vizquel's 1996 topps card
and his old double play partner roberto alomar on the back of his 1996 upper deck 'defensive gems' subset card
it's a rather benign shot, but he's still turning two.  and there is reference to his dp turning prowess there with the stats: 92 double plays in '93

here are some royce clayton cards - 1996 score
with him caught between two teams, 1997 topps
with him flying over mark carreon my wayward son, and the back of his 1996 upper deck card
with dodger henry rodriguez sliding in.  if this is the play from may 1, 1995, then garey ingram beat the throw to first.

here's another 1996 upper deck back - it features dodger stadium and delino deshields
ok, back to some guys that maybe we haven't seen much of before.  here's a manny alexander 1996 score card
and some 1996 topps cards - benji gil
chris gomez
and bret boone
from 1996 upper deck collector's choice we have kurt abbott
david bell in the arizona fall league
and a silver signature parallel of pat meares
and still more to come!

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