04 December 2012

take a ride on the davey lopes rainbow

davey lopes was a member of the topps all-rookie team in 1973.  unfortunately, topps didn't put the cups on the cards in the 1974 set.  anyway, lopes was included in the 2005 topps rookie cup set that had multiple parallels to the base cards.  

there's red #/499
orange #/399
yellow #/299
green #/199
and blue #/50
sadly, there is no indigo or violet.  just gray base.
i have heard rumors of a silver parallel #/5 and a gold 1/1.  maybe someday i will find that gold at the end of the rainbow.


Nick said...

I'd rate '05 Rookie Cup as one of the more underrated sets in recent years. The colored parallels are among my favorite inserts ever.

It's weird seeing Lopes without his world-famous 'stache in these earlier shots.

Classon Ave said...

I love that set, and can relate to your frustrations in this post.

Topps also didn't put cups on the '82 Topps set, and as a kid I "lost" a lot of arguments as to whether or not Tim Wallach was awarded a Rookie Cup.

I've also heard rumors of the Silver and Gold but haven't located any. I have tracked down Refractor #/15 and Chrome #/25 of the Wallach rookie reprints though.

night owl said...

I'm actually not crazy about this set. Like the concept. Hate the design.

Which means I probably won't be going for all the parallels anytime soon.