14 November 2011

a completed checklist means that's a wrap on the 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update cards that should have been

what's a set without a checklist?  here's the checklist that should have been from my 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update project.
well, here's the checklist part
obviously, it is modeled after the team checklists from the 1978 set
and not the set checklists with their boring yellow backgrounds and endless numbers and text.  the dodger stadium photo is from the 1976 dodgers photo album.  stadium photos are not unheard of in sets, in fact, i've got a post coming up that celebrates the great year dodger stadium had in 2011 sets alone.

thanks for bearing with me as i relived the 1977/1978 dodger teams and the players that got no love from topps.


Jim said...

Great job with the update set. I've really enjoyed following along.

Captain Canuck said...

very nice... even for dodgers!