30 December 2012

the a's have it

thanks to dick green and bert campaneris and walt weiss, i have a few great double play cards featuring oakland athletics.  they are certainly a team that is well represented in the binder.  here are several more oakland a's players turning two.

1995 topps brent gates
and 1996 upper deck brent gates
and 1997 fleer ultra brent gates
three years in a row for ol' cemetery gates, and that doesn't include his 1993 upper deck card that has a turn on the front and the back.

here are some 1997 pacific cards of tony batista
and mike bordick
they both have a lot of dp cards - in fact, here's another tony batista card.  it's from 1997 upper deck collector's choice
and here's a 1998 score rookies/traded card of scott spiezio
in recent years, the oakland a most often featured turning two has to be miguel tejada.  here is his 1999 fleer ultra card
and his 1999 skybox premium card
his 1999 topps card
i loved this play, by the way.  as a second baseman, being able to step on the bag and throw to first was more fun than just shoveling the ball to the shortstop.

here's tejada's 1999 upper deck card
i'll interrupt the tejada show again to feature this 2000 fleer tradition update card of a's second baseman randy velarde
like some of the other cards we've seen highlighting the triple play, this one seems to show him getting ready to make the pivot to first.  i'm not sure if this photo is from the actual play which occurred at yankee stadium, as velarde caught shane spencer's line drive, stepped on second base, and then tagged the runner coming from first base.  there was no throw involved.  it should be noted that velarde made an error earlier in the inning to set up first and second with no outs and make the triple play possible.

now, back to tejada.  here's a 2001 fleer triple crown card
and a 2002 fleer ultra card
and a 2002 topps stadium club card
pretty sure that they both feature the same play.  i like the kid in the background leaning over the wall as if he were trying to get closer to the action. or maybe he's just bored.

last tejada of this post comes from 2002 topps total
and features a completely different play than the previous two cards which is nice.

moving on, here's bobby crosby's 2006 topps card
and we'll finish with a couple of future dodgers - a 2009 topps update adam kennedy card
and a 2009 upper deck mark ellis card
ellis still has the ball which means that the tigers player was successful in breaking up the double play.  good for him.

more double plays with teams other than the a's coming shortly.

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