29 December 2012

double play dumps continue

this one will commence with minimal commentary.

1992 donruss delino deshields
looks like tom glavine bowled over the shortstop instead of the second baseman.

2001 fleer ultra delino deshields
deshields is back - hot dog!

2001 fleer ultra damion easley
able to leap sliding angels in a single bound

2001 fleer ultra adam kennedy
i sure wish kennedy would return my ttm request.  but that's just me being selfish.

2001 fleer ultra neifi perez
2001 fleer ultra omar vizquel
2001 fleer ultra barry larkin (gold medallion edition)
moving on to 2001 topps stadium club, it's jose offerman
with derek jeter

and omar vizquel
with jorge posada.  maybe the presence of yankees on non-yankees cards helped topps move product in 2001.

it's 'same play' time - here's a 1993 score mickey morandini card with andre dawson coming in
and here's morandini's 1993 topps card
with dawson sliding through.

greg briley's 1993 topps card is interesting to me
not because of the hand on his thigh, but rather because he is listed as an outfielder on the back of his card.  briley played second base in only 4 of his 86 games during the 1992 season, two of which came against the royals - one at home and one on the road.  on june 7, 1992, briley was installed as the mariners' second baseman in kansas city, and turned a double play.  the play featured on his card, however, was just a force out at second base as keith miller beat the relay.  we know this thanks to baseball reference and because of rico rossy sliding in.

here's casey candaele on his 1993 topps card
and tony fernandez on his 1993 topps card
i mentioned in the last post that i have been somewhat disorganized with these posts.  here's a good example:  this 1991 score steve sax card
really should have been featured in the 'keeping score' post, or the 'super chicken with a side of canseco' post.  not this 'double play dumps continue' post.

i'll try harder next time.

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