03 December 2012

a yankee for my collection

a while back, i picked up a yankee for one of my few player collections.  it was a 1992 wiz yankees jimmie hall card
this is the only card that i know of to feature hall as a yankee, at least with a photo of him wearing the pinstripes.  that is largely because he played for the bronx bombers for only part of the 1969 season, and he neither started nor finished the season with the team.  hall began the year in cleveland, but was traded to new york after appearing in four games for the indians.  he appeared in 80 games for the yankees, hitting .236 with 3 homers and was traded again, this time to the cubs.  he finished the season in chicago by appearing in 11 games for the northsiders.  topps got him in a cubs uniform for their 1970 set, so there wasn't even any airbrushing required.

i also picked up a 1966 topps ruboff of hall's
which featured him as a more recognizable minnesota twin.  remember, hall set the rookie home run record for the american league in 1963, and wasn't surpassed until mark mcgwire came along.

there were two other topps ruboffs that came into my collection along with hall; specifically, ron fairly
and john roseboro
i figured i needed to show a couple of dodgers to balance out that yankee card up at the top.

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