28 December 2012

still more double play turns

in case you are just tuning in, i am spending the last week or so of the year showcasing my double play cards that haven't previously been featured on the blog.  there are also a few that are getting a second showing, which is ok, too, since they are pretty cool cards in my opinion.  on with the dumping.

here's a 1995 topps stadium club jeff blauser card
i like this card.  we are given the batter's point of view as he hustles (presumably) down the baseline.

also from 1995, here are some upper deck collector's choice se cards - chris gomez
alex gonzalez
and jeff kent
i will package together some other jeff kent double play cards into their own post sometime this weekend.

here's a post-twin, pre-dodger greg gagne double play turn, courtesy of 1995 upper deck sp
and here's a jay bell turn featuring ozzie smith courtesy of 1995 upper deck sp championship
i suppose the fact that bell still has the ball in his glove could mean that ozzie was trying to steal second or that only a force out was made, perhaps to end the inning.  i'll still keep this card with my dp cards, though.

staying in 1995, here's a 1995 upper deck collector's choice card of chuck knoblauch
with chad curtis sliding in and possibly pat meares lurking in the background

there are even a few minor league double play turns in my collection thanks to a trade (i believe they came from ryan of 'o' no another orioles blog).  here are a 1996 frederick keys best card
and a 1997 frederick keys best card
showing the turn.  neither martinez nor lawrence ever advanced beyond aaa.  the 1997 card there reminds me of 1996 leaf a bit.  speaking of which, here is a robby thompson card from 1996 leaf
as well as a quilvio veras card from that set
veras had another (and better) double play card in the 1999 topps set.
hope you enjoyed these cards showing the double play turn.  there are still more to come!

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