29 December 2012

'tis the season for continuing with the double play dumping

let's get right to it with some 1996 topps stadium club cards.  here's domingo cedeno
and benji gil
and ozzie guillen
and mickey morandini in a 1993 world series rematch
and finally, robby thompson
moving on to 1996 upper deck, we have gary disarcina
and pat kelly
now, here are a few cards from 1996 upper deck collector's choice - craig biggio
nelson liriano
pat meares
and john patterson
love the horizontal layout and the forearm shiver given to tony gwynn.  not really, i actually like tony gwynn.  here's another horizontal dp card - tony graffanino's 1997 fleer card
and then there are a couple of mlb showdown cards from 2003.  this one shows brent butler of the rockies turning two
while this one shows orlando hudson making the relay throw to first.
the hudson card gives props to the omar vizquel/roberto alomar dp combo.  anybody remember who their first baseman was?

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