23 December 2012

here's a tip: get a grip!

it's time for the fourth installment in our presentation of steve garvey's baseball tips, as distributed by post raisin bran back in 1979.  this tip focuses on the proper way to grip a baseball.
kind of ironic, given garvey's throwing issues early in his career.  i found a couple of other dodger cards that also highlight the grip - here's don newcombe on his 2009 upper deck goodwin champions card
and tom candiotti on his 1992 pinnacle 'grips' card
obivously, it's ok for candy to have a grip that results in 'throwing a ball that sinks or sails' - that's pretty much the point of the knuckleball.

only about 8 weeks until spring training!

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Fuji said...

Just another reason to support my theory that 2009 Goodwin is one of the greatest sets in the last 5 years. That Newcombe is awesome!