26 December 2012

the best card of the 1975 topps set just might be this one

that's because it's a double play turn!
although i don't know which game that play would be from, as brooks robinson wasn't on base a lot during the series, and as far as i can tell, was never forced out at second base.

here's another nice card, although it would be better if it weren't so dark.  it's steve sax's 1986 fleer card
saxy also makes the turn on his 1988 topps big card
although we only know this because of the big dust cloud.  also, topps must have used a photo of sax from the early 1980's for the head shot.  he looks pretty young.

here's some good ol' 1988 score - glenn hubbard
and jose lind
the colors work well on the hubbard card in my opinion, but not so much on the lind card.

from 1989 fleer, we have this marty barrett card
with frank white's back.

speaking of backs, here's the back of dave anderson's 1989 upper deck card
and the back of gregg jefferies' 1990 upper deck card
looks like ryno sliding in there.

i found some dp parallels in a dime box recently - from 1994 upper deck all-time heroes.  here's gene alley
 bert campaneris
 and jerry coleman
finally, a 2012 topps gypsy queen hanley ramirez
this one came by trade from marcus at all the way to the backstop.  it is much appreciated.  and remember, if you have any cards showing the double play turn that don't fit into your collection, send 'em my way!

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