27 December 2012

what did dejesus do?

he went and got himself traded to the pirates, apparently.  he also looks to be working on his double play relay on his 2011 topps card.
that's good enough for me to classify it as a double play card, even though it lacks some of the action that makes those types of cards fun to look at.  consider this a palette cleanser of all the dp cards you've seen over the past few days.  besides, this gives me a chance to clear out a bunch of 2011 cards from my scanned folder.  like the wal-mart black parallel version of dejesus's card
dejesus was 0 for 8 as a member of the red sox, with 6 strikeouts.  jerry sands (also traded to the pirates) did not appear in a game for the bosox (he was one of the ptbnl), and james loney (now with the rays) hit .230 with an ops of .574 in boston.

here's rod barajas's wal-mart black parallel
which means that clayton kershaw is blacked out from view.  barajas spent 2012 with the pirates.  pittsburgh is where former dodgers seem to go these days, although andy laroche isn't there anymore, nor is joel hanrahan.

continuing with the wal-mart black cards, here are hiroki kuroda
and kenley jansen
on jansen's regular card, we can see that he is, in fact, pitching in dodger stadium.
good lord! i think we have a davey lopes sighting!  lopes was the first base coach for the phillies in 2010, and if i squint i can convince myself that it's him.  billy hatcher, i believe, was the reds first base coach, and i suppose it might be the angels' first base coach since they play at dodger stadium every year, but i will go with lopes until proven otherwise.

i know that this next card features matt kemp and andre ethier
that's one of my favorite cards from the 2011 set, partially because i made a similar card as part of the 2010 goose joak set.

here is marcus thames' only card featuring him as a dodger
i had high hopes for marcus markley thames coming off the bench in 2011, but he was released in july with a batting average below .200.  he did hit a couple of pinch-hit home runs as a dodger, though.

here's dejesus again as we move on to 2011 topps chrome
and here's andre ethier
ethier's name keeps popping up in trade rumors.  as does dee gordon's
i am guessing nobody is checking in on the availability of chad billingsley
at least until he shows that he is healthy.  nice refractor, by the way.

now on to 2011 topps update, which seemed to be overrun with cards of ethier and matt kemp, like this diamond duos card
and all-star cards
with wal-mart blue parallels
plus a checklist
and a cognac parallel of the flagship card
plus, kemp had two all-star game cards
thanks to the home run derby
which also came in cognac versions

and a diamond sparkle version
here are a couple more 2011 matt kemp cards - these are obviously from allen & ginter
i had always heard that kemp was from oklahoma city until i saw this card
midwest city is a suburb of ok city - so i guess it's ok.  ha.

i'll end this post with cards of a brooklyn native who wound up pitching for the brooklyn dodgers - sandy koufax.  here are his 2011 topps 'topps 60' insert
and his 'topps 60' insert from 2011 topps update
or is it the other way around?

back to all double plays with the next post.

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