24 December 2012

keeping score

as i was going through my old player collections looking for double play cards, i was lamenting the lack of those type of paul molitor cards.  i was (and still am) a big fan of molitor's, and his was one of the first non-dodger pc's i started.  so, i was happy to find this 1991 score card tucked away in a dusty binder.  
what's even better is that he is listed as a third baseman.  molly is not alone in the 1991 score set, as far as double plays go.  there is also edgar diaz
shawon dunston
felix fermin
tim hulett
garry templeton
and walt weiss
among others.  and then, in the 1991 score rookie and traded set, we get roberto alomar
and tim teufel
with what appears to be a broken left arm.  and everybody say hello to barry bonds.  he seems to be on the front end of double plays quite a bit.  who's hitting behind him - steve garvey?  i kid.  but garvey did gidp a lot.

moving on (but not up) to 1991 donruss, here's jose lind
standing his ground, which is unusual for lind as we will see in a future post.

ozzie smith's 1991 donruss card
is rather pedestrian for him.

usually his dp cards look more like this 1991 fleer ultra bill spiers
who also turns two on his 1991 topps card
although topps calls him billy.  both cards feature turns against the indians, but they are different plays as evidenced by the home and away jerseys spiers is wearing.  speaking of clothing, take note of the person wearing a red shirt in the stands on spiers' ultra card.  we may see him again.

here are a couple of dp turns from 1990 upper deck - lou whitaker
on the road, and willie randolph
at home in chavez ravine.  now, i am assuming that the randolph card shows the front end of a double play based on his positioning at second base.  i admit that it is possible that he has just backhanded a grounder and is going to throw to first. but i choose not to see it that way.

think we're done?  no, we are not.  more double plays coming...

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