28 December 2012

bobby grich airs it out

as much as i would like it to be, i am not convinced that this 1984 fleer bobby grich card shows a double play turn
the head first slide tells me that it's probably a stolen base attempt.  however, grich's crouch and the way his right foot is set seems to be consistent with someone who is about to push off the base and throw to first.  either way, the best thing about the card is the big tear in grich's pants.  looks like it's getting breezy.

here's a similar looking play, captured on kurt stillwell's 1992 donruss card
again we have a head first slide, but with both players looking back towards first base, i am inclined to categorize this as a double play card. one of many featuring mr. stillwell, i might add.

now for some more conventional double play turns.  here's the back of jose lind's 1993 upper deck card
and, although the front of his card doesn't show a dp turn, it's still worth showing
back to the backs - here's the back of mark mclemore's 1993 upper deck card
the back of keith miller's 1993 upper deck card

and the back of jose uribe's 1993 upper deck card as well.
billy ripken had two cards in the 1993 upper deck set, and here is the back of his second series card
which shows him with the rangers. the front of the card also shows a double play turn, and it was posted a while back so i won't show it again.  i will show the front of his series one card
since it also features the double play pivot.

willie randolph turns two on his 1993 upper deck card
as does brent gates.  front
and back
i've said it before and i'll say it again - the a's have a lot of double play cards.  i'll put together an 'a's only' post to show some of them.

it looks like kenny lofton was successful in breaking up a double play on jeff huson's 1993 upper deck card
while on the back, rickey is willing to sacrifice his face to do the same.
mike lansing is picture perfect on his 1993 upper deck card
i was a big fan of the expos' uniforms around this time.  i like the away grays and the darker blue jerseys like the one lansing is wearing.

here's a throwback uniform on the back of royce clayton's 1993 upper deck card
but i don't care for it as much, for obvious reasons.

kim batiste is getting kicked on the back of his 1993 upper deck card
which is only fair for the face wash treatment he gives to ozzie smith on the front of his card
moving on to 1993 upper deck fun packs, here is the dodgers' jose offerman
and, although the back doesn't show a double play turn, the cartoon sums up what many dodger fans thought of offerman's (sorry - e-fferman's) defense
hey, here's willie randolph again, this time unsuccessful regarding the turn on a 1992 donruss card
and, i am guessing that wil cordero doesn't complete the play on his 1994 upper deck collector's choice card, either
but he does get a silver signature parallel
finally (for this post, anyway), here is bill (billy to topps) spiers on his 1994 upper deck collector's choice card
his throwback uniform is more tolerable than clayton's.

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Jeff Wilk said...

To me, that Grich is a relay into 2nd base from the outfield. The sliding player is stretching his hit into a double.