29 December 2012

here is yet another double play dump

again with minimal commentary and again with minimal organization.  earlier today i showed a few cards from 1994 upper deck.  well, here are some more.  kurt abbott
greg gagne
ricky gutierrez
pat kelly
and scott leius
here's a 1994 upper deck collector's choice roberto mejia card
with mejia doing an eric heiden impression

from 1995 topps d3, here's cal ripken jr
and from 1996 pinnacle, here's jay bell
1996 pinnacle summit gives us this ray durham turn
and here's another luis alicea card, courtesy of 1996 score
alex rodriguez goes up and over on his 1996 score select card
while randy velarde gets it done on his 1996 topps card
still more double plays to show tomorrow

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