27 December 2012

let's turn double plays like it's 1994

yes, let's.  here's bret barberie to start things off with his 1994 topps card
ryne sandberg's card from the '94 flagship set was similar.  both cards were kind of a precursor to the craziness that was featured in 1995 topps.  nice of jeff bagwell to make an appearance, by the way.

here are some 'normal' dp cards from '94 topps - jay bell
rafael belliard (gold)
mike benjamin
felix fermin (gold)
jeff kent
pat meares
pat meares again (gold)
spike owen
spike owen again (gold)
and geronimo pena
ok. before i show you the gold parallel version of this card, here is the writeup for the play that is shown, and here is a link to a post with a card showing the play just before butler hoisted pena onto his shoulders.  ok, here's the gold version
and here's pena's 1994 upper deck collector's choice card, in case you didn't bother to click on that first link.
you'll have to click on the link if you want to see the dp turn on the back of the card, though.

back to 1994 topps - here's bip roberts (with steady eddie)
billy spiers
doug strange
and omar vizquel
complete with the gold parallel version
calm down, fanboy - that's not derek jeter, it's mike gallego

just for fun, here's gallego's teammate pat kelly on a 1993 upper deck card
and a jeff king card from the same set
with ryne sandberg making an appearance.

getting sick of double play cards?  there are still more to come....


Classon Ave said...

1994 Topps had some great photography.

There are also a good number of interesting looking shots of catcher's making defensive plays in that set.

Play at the Plate said...

Bring 'em on!