29 December 2012

a cavalcade of double play turns

in addition to having a 1956 topps pee wee reese card in my double play binder, i also have a reprint from the 1995 topps archives brooklyn dodgers set.
it's the normal card size with sharp corners, but somehow doesn't quite look as nice as the vintage.

moving on, here's a 1993 topps chuck knoblauch card
and a 1994 sportflics roberto alomar card
obviously, the alomar card looks better in person.

let's see some 1994 upper deck double play turns, starting with this luis alicea electric diamond parallel
i've shown the base version before, and we know that that is mitch webster sliding in on august 29, 1993.  here's another electric diamond parallel - this one is greg gagne
and here's robby thompson's base card
and electric diamond parallel
both with eric young sliding in.  finally, here's jose vizcaino's 1994 upper deck electric diamond parallel
there is a chance that this photo is from the same day as the alicea card up above.  on 8/29/93, the cubs played at atlanta, and el viz was out on the front end of a ryne sandberg 6-4-3 in the third inning.  if so, then that's mark lemke toppling over.

here's a 1995 score jose lind card
before we get into 1995 topps stuff.

and, now here is greg gagne's 1995 topps card
and walt weiss's 1995 topps card
with fellow shortstop royce clayton prominently featured.

it's too bad weiss isn't featured on clayton's 1995 topps card, too.  that honor goes to tim hyers
and here's clayton's cyberstats parallel
if i were better organized, i would be showing all of clayton's turns in a single post.  i'm not that organized, so we'll see some more of clayton in upcoming posts.  or maybe we already have - i'm starting to lose sense of space and time thanks to all of these double plays.

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