09 December 2012

not the drape-like decorations that get hung on opening day

it's time for round two of steve garvey's baseball tips, courtesy of post raisin bran back in 1979.  this means there are only about 11 weeks until spring training kicks off!  tip number two is all about bunting (not that the dodgers have any bunters anymore).
the garv used to bunt a fair amount back in the day - usually as a way to break out of a slump.  when he  bunted, he looked less like the guy on the tip panel, and more like willie randolph on his 1989 topps traded card
that's bunting for a base hit, y'all!

believe it or not, this is not the only bunting 101 card in my collection.  i also have this 1993 upper deck fun pack brett butler card
with the 'all-star advice' continuing on the back
butler also teaches us a lesson on this 1992 pinnacle card
which also has some bunting technique text on the back, but i didn't scan the back.  i did scan another copy of the card that butler was kind enough to sign for me a while ago.
butler is a good ttm signer, and i have hit him up a few times over the last few years.  he has a number of great cards, so it was tough to choose just one or two to send him.  let's have him walk us through the bunt with some of his cards, all signed ttm.

1998 upper deck
1994 pinnacle
1995 upper deck collector's choice se
1994 upper deck
1992 topps
1993 topps stadium club
1993 donruss
1996 topps
and, he's on base.
that would be his 1995 topps card, one of my favorite dodger cards.  i think the image from the 1993 donruss and 1993 topps stadium club cards might be the same play, but it's tough to tell as butler bunted a lot.  obviously.

next week, garvey gets into baserunning.  brett butler will make another appearance.  stay tuned.

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Backstop Cards said...

I did a post similar to this one a while back, only with Steve Finley. The majority of Astros cards I have are all of him bunting, like it's all he ever did. There were fewer when he was on the Padres, and I don't think I've seen any of his post-San Diego cards with him bunting. Guess he must've stopped.