27 December 2012

another double play dump

let's start another day of double play cards with 1997 topps stadium club and gary disarcina
and keith lockhart
and jody reed
here's a 1997 upper deck collector's choice fernando vina card
with tim salmon barreling in.  although, if you're vina, once you've survived an albert belle attack, i'm guessing tim salmon isn't too frightening.

here are some fleer sports illustrated double play turns - this one is from 1998 fleer si world series fever, and it features a levitating barry larkin
with a sliding steve finley in san diego.  these next two are from 1999 fleer sports illustrated, and they feature a tumbling derek jeter
and an upended tony womack
looks like ken caminiti did his job.

bret boone stares down vinny castilla on his 1999 topps chrome card
while mike caruso sails over somebody who is obscured by the text on his 2000 fleer ultra card
here are two different versions of the 2001 topps adam kennedy card - i like this card a lot, but not as much as i like kennedy's 2012 topps update card.  here's the gold version
and here's the chrome version
part of the allure of this card is that there aren't a lot of cards with fp santangelo as a dodger on them

moving on to 2001 upper deck, here's neifi perez
and eric young
too bad this one is from his cubs days - it's a nice one.


Jeff Wilk said...

Love seeing the ball in that Womack card. He did his job indeed.

Jeff said...

The DiSarcina card has the Angel logo prominently in the background. Awesome.