26 December 2012

a double play dump

here is a veritable smorgasbord of cards featuring the double play turn at second base.

from 2003 upper deck, we have rookie of the year angel berroa
future hall of famer craig biggio
former big leaguer carlos febles
gold glover brandon phillips
and journeyman rey sanchez
dude turned 130 dp's in 2001, though.

here's a 2003 upper deck sweet spot card of astros' prospect tommy whiteman turning two
although the guy sliding in is tough to see.  whiteman, a native american, made it to aaa with the astros and rockies, but never did get the call to the majors.

here's a 2004 donruss card of junior spivey
and a 2008 topps stadium club 1st day issue parallel of german duran
duran made it to the majors in 2008 but hasn't been back since.

now for some 2009 topps cards - alex cintron
and kelly johnson
plus a 2009 upper deck sweet spot troy tulowitzki card
these next two, i purchased from william of foul bunt via check out my cards on black friday.  they are both 2010 topps gold parallels - alberto callaspo
and ian kinsler
now we get really random - here are a couple of minor league cards that i got in a trade a while back - 2003 bowie baysox team issue cards of mike fontenot
and chris lemonis
a 1993 topps stadium club card of felix fermin
and that fantastic double play card from 1971 of cookie rojas
why am i showing cookie again?  because this one's canadian!
cookie shines like a star in the summer night!  that would be a good card to end on, but there are still a ton more double play cards to be featured.  stay tuned!

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