26 December 2012

some double play cards are golden

continuing to showcase some of the cards in my collection that show that double play turn at second base.  here's a 1993 topps gold roberto alomar
and a 1993 topps gold craig biggio
when it comes to the 'greatest double play card of all-time' tournament or countdown or whatever it winds up being, parallels won't be considered unless it's the only version of the card that i have.

here are some non-parallel double play cards that do just fine without any gold or foil embellishment.

1993 donruss mike gallego
someday, the yankees will retire mike gallego's number.

1993 donruss jose oquendo
oquendo only appeared in 14 games during the 1992 season.  five of them were at cincinnati.  this might be a play from the july 19 game in which hal morris hit into a 5-4-3 dp, with barry larkin being out on the front end.

here's the back of bill pecota's 1993 donruss card
i would say that the player empirical comparison and optimization test algorithm for this card is middling at best, as far as dp cards go.  that's another thing - having a turn at second base on the back of your card probably won't get you into the tourney.  that's just the way it is.

here's another metropolitan turning two, kevin elster, on the front of his 1993 fleer card
double play superstar mike bordick turns two on his 1993 fleer ultra card
as does angel gary disarcina
and regular double play turner padre kurt stillwell
stillwelll's teammate jeff gardner does to job on his 1993 leaf card
as does travis fryman on his 1993 pinnacle card
as omar vizquel makes a guest appearance as the guy on the wrong end of the dp card, for a change.

here's the back of jay bell's 1993 upper deck card
while mark lemke
and randy velarde
get their dp turns on the fronts of their 1993 upper deck cards.

this post will end, mercifully, with rod correia's 1994 topps stadium club card
it would have been pretty cool if the photo came from correia's ml debut, but alas, the angels were playing the white sox when he first appeared in a big league game.

more double plays to come!

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