01 December 2012

group breakin'

so i participated in the daily dimwit's november break, which consisted of 2006 upper deck artifacts.  i did this even though the only dodger base cards in the set were survivor jeff kent
and rookie tim hamulack
complete team set achieved!

i was kinda hoping for some good karma and landing the padres as my randomly assigned team (steve garvey is a padre and has some inserts in the set), but instead i got the team that probably has the fewest fans, the marlins.

as such, i am stuck with cards of a 2012 triple crown winner
and a 2012 silver slugger
i did manage to pick up a numbered relic
break over!

before all of that, however, i took part in ryan's group break over at 'o' no not another oriole blog.  this one featured 1994 topps finest and 1996 pinnacle zenith, among other releases.

as a result, tom candiotti gets to be featured on the blog
as does orel hershiser
and jose offerman
as for the zenith, there was karim garcia
because, you know, it was 1996 and karim garcia cards were in high demand

vladdy's big brother wilton
was also prominently featured in sets around this time, and zenith is no exception.

i also received chan ho park
limbering up for an ultimate fighting match with tim belcher

as well as ismael valdes
and another member of the dodgers' internationally staffed pitching rotation, hideo nomo
i also got the nomo 'honor roll' subset card
as well as the mike piazza 'honor roll' card.
my other team in this break was the reds.  there are a few more reds fans than marlins fans, so maybe i can find someone to trade with.

thanks for hosting the breaks, guys!

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