16 December 2012

dueling double plays

1997 and 1998 topps are chock full of double play cards.  here is a sampling with minimal commentary.  i am short on time and these cards can speak for themselves.  

1997 topps derek jeter
horizontally pleasing.

1997 topps rex hudler
1998 topps jeff blauser
1997 topps kevin elster
1998 topps omar vizquel
1997 topps jose valentin
hello, cal ripken jr

1997 topps walt weiss
that's no 1991 topps

1997 topps brent gates
with an appearance by jose offerman

1998 topps joey cora
with robbie alomar

1997 shawon dunston
with rickey

1997 topps jody reed
1998 topps tony fernandez
1997 topps mike bordick
1998 topps scott spiezio
1997 topps keith lockhart
1997 topps fernando vina
where's albert belle?

1998 topps alex gonzalez
1997 topps mark loretta
1998 topps luis alicea
i like this one.  touch second base, joe carter.  you'll never be on a double play card as good as this again.  or something like that.

1997 topps mickey morandini
with mitch webster and dodger stadium

1998 topps kevin polcovich
i think this play continues on his 1998 topps stadium club card.  i need to find my copy of that one.

1997 topps mark lewis
not a bad run of dp cards from these two sets. and there may be more in there than just these.

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