23 December 2012

more cards all the way from the backstop

new papa marcus found some time between changing diapers and not sleeping to send me some cards.  he's quite the overachiever.  take a looksie.

here's a 1977 tcma renata galasso card of don newcombe
i remember seeing the 1978 tcma set when i was first starting to collect cards, and i sort of shunned it.  i would have done the same had i been aware of this set from the previous year.  these days, i'm glad to have the few cards from the set that i do.

there were also a couple of minor league cards - this one is from 2000 just and features a guy named wynter phoenix
he spent the first few years of his minor league career in the dodgers organization, including a 1999 stint in aa san bernardino.  in 2000, he was playing in the marlins organization, and in 2001 he was in the orioles' minor league system.

this next guy was more recognizable - it's blake dewitt on a 2004 just rookies card
dewitt just signed a free agent deal with the braves a couple of weeks ago.  i thought that he would be the dodgers' second baseman for a few years, but ned traded him to the cubs in the ted lilly deal.  i like ted lilly, but i wish ned would find a second baseman already.

roberto alomar has quite a resume of double play cards, including this 1992 donruss triple play card.
walt weiss is another guy who has a lot of dp cards.  here's his 1993 donruss card, upon which he becomes a member of the florida marlins
marcus also sent weiss's 1991 upper deck card
as if to prove the point.

alan trammell has a couple of double play cards himself, and he appears on scott fletcher's 1993 upper deck card on the front end of a twin killing
the back of doug strange's 1994 upper deck collector's choice card  shows rickey henderson trying to break up two
and finally, we have a rather pedestrian dp turn on mike bordick's 1995 upper deck collector's choice card
thanks for the cards marcus!  i'll get a package out to you soon!

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Backstop Cards said...

If only all of my activities that didn't involve being up to my elbows in poop and not sleeping were as enjoyable! Glad you liked 'em! I was at a card shop in Austin and came across the Newcombe card in a 50 cent box, and it seemed like something you might like. Take care!