20 December 2012

future heroes?

i found this 1993 upper deck 'future heroes' insert of mark mcgwire last week while i was digging through one of my (too) many 5000 count boxes.
it features mcgwire and rafael palmeiro on the same card, with raffy trying to avoid the tag.  ironically, it was mcgwire who would avoid testifying in the steroid hearings, while palmeiro wagged his finger and proclaimed his innocence.

i was thinking about making this post more about how i feel about steroid use and the hall of fame voting, but i deleted all that because i figure you don't care what i think.  nor should you.  and, what i think doesn't matter to the voters, either.  so, instead i'll end the post awkwardly.

i just thought that the title of the insert and the two players featured made for an interesting card knowing what we know now.


Doc said...

Um, yeah, um, that was awkward. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that insert set, and I've seen that card a million times. But I've never realized it was Palmeiro, and definitely never put that context to it.