12 December 2012

baker:baker, baker/baker/baker

on a day like today, the numbers speak to me.  except it's not just 12:12 on 12/12/12, it's baker:baker on baker/baker/baker.  dusty baker wore number 12 his entire career, including his two-year stint in oakland at the end of his career.  this 1985 mother's a's card of his is easily my favorite card of him in the gold and green.
baker had never played in the infield before going to oakland, and even then he was used only at first base.  so seeing him in a fielder's pose is quite different from what one might expect.  here's his 1983 topps glossy send in card
and his 1981 donruss card
with his red 12 prominently shown.

baker has signed a few cards for me over the years - i don't think i have shown these before.  a 1979 topps
and a 1981 topps
it's too bad that there's no 13/13/13 next year - joe ferguson would have been featured in a similar post. i suppose that there is 1/3/13 or the palindromic 3/1/13, or as i think of it sax/reese/ferguson.

here's to you dusty, i mean 12!

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