01 November 2012

double plays by dodgers, including the master

oh my, this card is gorgeous.
and it's not even reese's best double play card.  pee wee knew how to turn two, and the card companies back in the 1950's knew how to make it look nice.  i won't show the other card that we all know i am referring to just yet.  instead, here's the back of reese's 1956 topps card
he was a hero among men, captain clutch before there was jeter, and a master of marbles (i did not know that was where the nickname came from).  all at 5'9" (and a half, dammit!).

upper deck also gave pee wee some double play time in their 2002 sp legendary cuts release
the sepia tone is nice, but what i like more about the card is the umpire making the call as pee wee makes the turn.

other dodgers have been captured making the turn, too, but not always as gracefully as the captain.  take juan samuel on his 1992 score card, for example
the photo is made even more awkward thanks to the random leg of the player sliding in.

here's jose offerman on a 1993 upper deck card
with terry pendleton about to tomahawk chop offy's knees.

jody reed got some good air on his 1994 topps stadium club card
which also features the right-center field wall at dodger stadium, but it looks like he forgot to get rid of the ball.

joe thurston does a nice job on his 2003 upper deck card
but alex cora seems averse to jumping on his 2003 topps card
and pays the price on his 2004 topps card
that's ok - they can't all be pee wee.

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