25 December 2012

welcome to the lenny harris double play show!

merry christmas everybody.  today i will show only one post chock full of double plays, but i shall return tomorrow to continue with the double play dumping.  on with the show.

that's right, kids! it's time for the lenny harris double play show!  starring lenny harris!  (now the music begins; think something along the lines of quincy jones' theme to 'sanford and sons' with a voiceover by mel allen).

this week, lenny  gives us a double play turn on his 1993 donruss
1993 fleer ultra
1993 upper deck
and 1994 score cards!
at least i think that last one is a dp turn.

this week's guests include, from 1992 fleer ultra, jody reed!
from 1992 leaf, scott fletcher
barry larkin
and cal ripken, jr!
and featuring cal's brother billy!
along with john valentin, both from 1993 donruss!
co-starring, from 1992 score, dave anderson
andujar cedeno
and jeff huson
with a very special guest appearance by alfredo griffin
(mr. griffin appears courtesy of 1991 fleer).

how about that!

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