08 December 2012

roy campanella and peter o'malley attended the 1977 all-star game

and, o'malley (in the blue plaid blazer) was apparently starstruck at the sight of commissioner bowie kuhn (with his hand on campanella's shoulder) while campy was decidedly less impressed.  at least that is what this recently acquired 1977-79 sportscaster card has me thinking.
this was the last of the dodger sportscaster cards that i needed.  i had been watching a few versions of it for the past few months, and finally decided to pull the trigger.  it's really a fascinating card.  at first, i assumed that it featured a photo taken at dodger stadium - perhaps during the 1977 or 1978 world series because of kuhn's presence.  to be sure, i did some research on the program that the guy in front of o'malley is holding.  it turned out to be the program from the 1977 all-star game.
so, unless that guy carried that program around with him, the photo was taken in yankee stadium on july 19, 1977.  i don't know who the guy with the program is, but the guy to his left (behind kuhn) looks way familiar.  anybody know who he is?

this is the second card in my collection showing campy in his wheelchair, the other being his 1959 topps symbol of courage card.  in fact, the only cards i have of his from his playing days are a 1955 bowman and the 1957 topps dodger sluggers card.  so, i am now officially setting my sights on his solo 1957 topps card. i'll worry about his '52 high number later.

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