02 December 2012

two scoops of baseball tips

there are only about 12 weeks until pitchers and catchers report, so i am going to do my part to help the dodger players get to camp with a strong understanding of the basics.  we will discuss such things as how to prepare physically and mentally, as well as how to properly position oneself and even how to lay down that perfect bunt.  and, we will do all of that by using some cards that came from the backs of cereal boxes.

when i was growing up, we were pretty much a general mills household.  total. cheerios.  that sort of thing.  the only kellogg's brand that regularly found its way into our pantry was rice krispies.  what's worse, we only got the sweet cereals when we went on vacation in our rv and my mom bought the little cereal box variety packs.

so, it goes without saying that i did not collect the 1979 post raisin bran steve garvey's baseball tips cards in real time.  i may not have even known about them in 1979.  i did find out about them in the mid-1990's when i made the move to become a garvey supercollector, though.  i have since collected all 12, just as post told me to do.

here's the first one - the batting stance.
garvey basically says to do your own thing, but also do things the right way.  he notes the need for a firm grip on the bat, although i recall the garv taking his fingers off the bat during his swing preparation.  in fact, his 2001 upper deck minor league centennial card captures that very moment.
i did find this 1984 topps traded bob bailor card
that seems to illustrate what garvey is preaching.

good advice from the 'most hits nl' man!
coming next week - bunting!  get ready to see some brett butler cards!

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