10 June 2012

if baseball cards came to life...

...we could defeat them with wind and fire since they would still be two dimensional and made of cardboard.

while you ponder that crazy scene, here are some cards i received in trade from bo at baseball cards come to life.

here's a 1992 topps gold ramon martinez
and a 1993 pinnacle brett butler
i had no idea that brett butler was from los angeles. but, he was - born in the city of angels in 1957.  so, for the few times that davis/butler/strawberry were on the field at the same time, the dodgers had a fully angeleno outfield.

here's a 1994 donruss triple play orel hershiser card
with a photo from dodger stadium in which we can see the tim crews memorial patch.  this hershiser card is much better than his 1994 topps stadium club card in which he is laying sod.  jeff treadway's 1994 topps stadium card is better than that, too
and, it's one of the very few cards of treadway as a dodger.

staying in 1994, here's an upper deck eric karros card
followed by a 1995 upper deck collector's choice se card of delino deshields
1995 udcc se is underrated in my opinion.  or maybe not.  i recall buying a lot of it back in 1995 and liking the blue borders (although not all cards had borders - see mike piazza's card below)
even though is was kind of a parallel set to the regular 1995 udcc release.  here's chan ho park with a green hat.
on second thought, maybe i was just happy to see some baseball related stuff when this came out during/after the strike.

thanks for the cards bo!

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Bo said...

glad you enjoy them!