28 December 2012

same play? yeah, i think so.

take a look at this 1994 score scott fletcher card with craig paquette sliding in
now take a look at this next card
oh wait, not that one - that's just a gold rush parallel of the first card.  try this one
that's fletcher's 1994 pinnacle card, and it's pretty clear to me that it features the same double play turn as the score card.  a little digging tells me that the play occurred on july 8, 1993 after paquette singled with one out in the bottom of the 6th inning.  mike bordick of all people hit into the 6-4-3 to erase paquette and end the inning.  the game had a couple of interesting things going - it was a thursday afternoon game, but wasn't a getaway game as the red sox stayed in town for the weekend. it was also the second career start (and first since his 1991 debut) for todd van poppel.

here are some more cards featuring one of my favorite plays in all of sport - the double play turn

1994 score greg gagne
forcing harold reynolds

1994 mike sharperson
forcing ellis burks (?) to duck

1994 score tony fernandez, gold rush parallel
and 1994 score chuck knoblauch (gold rush parallel)
also making the turn, even though you can't see the lead runner.

here's a 1993 donruss travis fryman card
featuring robin yount

and the back of a 1992 upper deck alvaro espinosa card
featuring the slide of an unknown player.  remember when the yankees had crappy shortstops?  and didn't play their best shortstop at third base?

moving on to some 1993 upper deck cards, here is manuel lee
and rey sanchez turning two twice - front
and back
while playing baseball somewhere on tatooine.

back in our galaxy, john valentin
walt weiss
and rich amaral
also turn two on their 1993 upper deck cards.

here's barry larkin's 1995 donruss card
and bret barberie's 1994 pinnacle card
i will finish this post of double play cards with some 1994 leaf.  here's rich amaral again
along with pat meares
and alan trammell
featuring kirby puckett.  it's definitely 'last but not least' with that trammell card.  it's one of my favorites.

still more double play cards to show as i am finally getting them all organized and displayed.  stay tuned.

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