24 December 2012

super chicken with a side of canseco

he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.  oh, that's super chicken.  this is the famous chicken (formerly known as the san diego chicken) on a 1992 donruss triple play card.
here's a bona fide double play turn, or at least it's aftermath, from the same set
on the back, donruss compares jerry browne and dave henderson to professional wrestlers.

ok, now we start with the jose canseco business.  here's julio franco's 1991 topps stadium club card
hello, jose!

there's more, but first here's tom foley's 1991 upper deck card
and jose lind's card from the same set
this is the card that shows him jumping over mike lavalliere on the back
here's another card from the set, this time it's robby thompson
this is the time on the blog when we show 1992 donruss cards - gregg jefferies
jose oquendo
and geronimo pena, doing a nice jose lind impression
now, that oquendo card (with andres galarraga and ozzie smith) may not be a dp turn since oquendo seems to be so far in front of the bag, and galarraga isn't sliding.  but, thanks to baseball reference, i will assume that the card shows a play from the april 28, 1991 game in which the big cat walked in the fifth inning and was quickly erased on a 6-4-3 double play.  as for pena's card, i believe it shows a play from june 2, 1991.  tommy herr walked in the 8th inning, but was out on the front end of a mackey sasser 6-4-3.

ok, let's get back to oakland sluggers being forced out, like on this 1992 upper deck manny - sorry, manuel - lee card
except that's mark mcgwire.  the other bash brother is back on luis sojo's 1992 upper deck card
as well as jeff huson's 1992 upper deck card
and possibly even lou whitaker's 1992 upper deck card
turnabout is fair play, as oakland's mike bordick tries to turn two on his 1992 upper deck card
but it looks like he failed.

on his 1992 upper deck card, ozzie guillen is able to get rid of the ball
and i assume willie randolph has done the same on his card from that set
hello, tim wallach!

finally, here's the back of bill spiers' 1992 upper deck card
i think this is the same play that was on spiers' 1991 fleer ultra card.  it's in milwaukee against the indians, and there is that person with the red shirt on in the stands.  anyway, it's a nice turn so i don't mind seeing it twice.

that's all the double plays we'll show for today, kids.  beats visions of sugar plums, don't they?

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Fuji said...

Love me some San Diego Chicken! Happy holidays!