24 December 2012

my gift to you

i've finished going through all of the double play cards in my collection, and over the next week or so, i will be showing off the ones that have not been featured on the blog before.  it will be a week long double play dump.  there are a lot of them, so i have many many posts scheduled.

it all leads up to the 'greatest double play card of all time tournament' which now might just be a top 50 countdown. i haven't decided.  but there will be a contest of sorts - i have to figure out a way to thin the herd that is my collection.

so, here we go.  let the double play displays begin.

2001 upper deck alex rodriguez
i like this card.

1997 pinnacle zenith
this card is not my favorite

1992 topps ryne sandberg all-star
1994 score ryne sandberg gold rush
1997 score hobby reserve ryne sandberg
2011 topps marquee ryne sandberg
ryno's dp form is pretty consistent when he doesn't have to leave the ground.

2002 fleer premium jimmy rollins
i like the look of this set.  there are a few dp cards in it which is always nice.

1994 fleer ultra barry larkin
it's a card of two barrys.

2010 topps chrome derek jeter
leapin' jeter batman! topps forgot to put the glossy coat on this chrome card!

2011 topps tsuyoshi nishioka
this might be the play in which nishi had his leg broken.  no, that happened in new york after the toronto series.

2011 topps opening day rafael furcal
this is a nice card.  some teams, like the a's, seem to have a lot of double play cards.  the dodgers - not so much.

get ready for an avalanche of double play cards - they're coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them.


Dhoff said...

Bring 'em on.

Jeff Wilk said...

Bring them for sure. Your little feature has made me go through my cards and pull out DPs. Sorry but they are too good to share, unless I get a dupe.

Nick said...

Looking forward to the tournament!