05 December 2012

double plays cards will be the death of me

my double play card cataloguing and organizing has hit a roadblock recently.  i am trying to get them all gathered together so i can seed them in the 'greatest double play card of all time' tournament - a tournament whose outcome is probably already known.  i will see this through, if for no other reason than my sanity, and i would really like to get it done before the 2013 cards come out.  anyway, here are some more cards to show that document the turn at second base.  

2011 topps lineage ryne sandberg
there is also the cloth version, mini version, and a couple other parallel versions of this card.

2010 bowman justin turner
and 2010 bowman chrome ruben tejada
i believe that tejada's regular bowman card is cropped so that it is not apparent that he is turning two.  i left that card in the dime box.

2010 upper deck everth cabrera biography
there are a lot of cabrera's who play middle infield positions and turn two.

2011 bowman andrew romine
appears to have been gunning for aj pierzynski's head

2011 topps ian desmond
2011 topps david eckstein
2011 topps yunel escobar
2011 topps howie kendrick
2011 topps eric young jr
on a card his dad would be proud of.

here are some 2012 offerings - 2012 topps ian desmond
2012 topps ruben tejada
at this rate, tejada could be this generation's walt weiss as far as dp cards go

2012 topps troy tulowitzki
2012 topps chrome dustin pedroia
which may be the worst dp card of all time

2012 topps update maicer izturis
and 2012 topps update wilson valdez
i didn't think much of this card when i pulled it from a blaster, but then it showed up again in a trade package from all the way to the backstop.  i did some research, but it is unclear whether valdez threw to first to try to double up robinson cano or if he was just content with the force out as cano was safe on the fielder's choice.  i'll keep it in the binder anyway.

1 comment:

Jeff Wilk said...

I'm calling that Valdez a force out at 2nd. That body position will never get a throw over to first in any decent time to get someone heading down the line at first.