29 January 2015

i don't always shop at the beckett marketplace, but when i do, i shop for obscure steve garvey cards

there are many options for obtaining cards these days that obviously weren't available to me as a budding collector in 1978. aside from buying packs, trading was the first way i was able to obtain specific cards that i wanted for my collection back then. once i had made a few trades with the neighborhood kids, i was introduced to the local card shop and immediately had access to a greater number of cards. after that, my dad took me to a few card shows in the greater los angeles area, which i am nearly positive included the first national convention in 1980.

the conventions, along with the card shops and even retail outlets like target and sam's club, continued to feed my collection until i found out about ebay in 1999. since then, most of my purchases have come from the auction site, although recently i've been doing more sportlots. i have also made purchases from comc and justcommons, but not as frequently.

maybe once a year, i will also buy cards from the beckett marketplace. the downside to the beckett marketplace is similar to that of sportlots - cards are shipped from individual owners rather than a central location so costs add up quickly, especially since there is not the budget shipping option that sportlots offers. so, unless i can't find what i am looking for elsewhere, i usually steer clear of beckett.
well, i had been on the lookout for a reasonably priced 1987 bohemian hearth steve garvey card for quite a while. ebay search results would alert me to one every so often, but there was always a highly set minimum bid, so i passed. when i searched beckett sometime in the latter half of last year, there were a couple hits, including one for a pretty reasonable price, so i jumped.
i'm glad i did. these were inserted in to loaves of bread in the san diego area in 1987. here's the back
that's a lot of bread to buy if you're looking for the complete 22 card set.  i wonder (no pun intended) if you could tell which card was in a loaf, and if so, were shelves left full of storm davis loaves?

another garvey item i figured i wouldn't ever find was listed in the official beckett steve garvey checklist as '1989 padres magazine #20 steve garvey/home run ties nlcs'. i had no idea what this was. was it a card? a magazine cover? besides, who keeps old padres magazines? i had poked around a few card shops in the san diego area in the early 90's looking for garvey stuff, but never had any luck with either the bohemian bread or the magazine thing, mostly because i didn't know that they even existed at that time. anyway, i saw one for sale for the first time during that same visit to beckett.

it made sense once i saw the thing in person that it was a card from a perforated panel, and not a magazine cover.
i guess these cards were inserted as an incentive for you to buy the magazine, as the back of garvey's card
notes that it comes from series no. 5.

some rarer garvey cards still show up on ebay from time to time, and i recently added a couple to my collection. this is a 1986 cunningham card
that doesn't even show up on the beckett checklist. it's a broder type card that served, as far as i can tell, as an advertisement for scott cunningham photography. the photos used for these cards could also be purchased from the photographer in 8x10 format. 

another recent ebay acquisition was this 2008 donruss threads garvey century collection relic card. 
the photo says 'dodgers' but the jersey piece says 'padres'. at least it's from one of his fantastically nasty padre jerseys that featured yellow (i don't think it's from one of the primarily yellow bp jerseys based on the material) and not one that had the boring brown pinstripes. 

further exploring my avenues for obtaining steve garvey cards, this is a 1986 meadow gold blank back card that i purchased from checkoutmycards. 
i had not seen one before i ran across it on comc. there is another 1986 meadow gold garvey card that has stats on the back, but this one looks like it was cut from a box. in fact, the ones with the stats on the back were issued in panels inside specially marked boxes of meadow gold popsicles and fudgesicles, while the blank backs were indeed cut from ice cream cartons. 

as i mentioned earlier, sportlots has been my primary source lately for cards - mostly double plays and parallels - and once in a while i'll find a garvey or two that i didn't already have. case in point, this 2005 donruss team heroes showdown silver parallel 
and this 2005 donruss greats silver parallel 
were somehow previously missing from my collection, which is odd because i was hitting ebay pretty hard for garvey stuff in 2004 and 2005. both cards use the same photo, and both are one of many parallels donruss put out that year. in addition to silver, there are red, blue, gold, and bronze versions of the team heroes card, and gold and platinum version of the greats card. i have most of the other parallels, but not all, so if you see a gold version of the greats card (numbered to 10), please let me know. 

last, but certainly not least, is a card that i'd been thinking about for a while. i have a complete dodger set of the 2005 baseball hero deck playing cards, but wanted a garvey single for my garvey binders. thanks to a seller on beckett, i found one pretty cheaply. 
3 of hearts? makes sense for the garv. 

sometimes i wish there were a card website aggregator that would let me know what's for sale where, but that's just lazy talk. i'm afraid i just need to keep a closer eye on the beckett marketplace if i'm ever to find a 1989 michigan state pepsi garvey card...

28 January 2015

some cards are no longer nefarious

i've had my nefarious 9 - the list of my most wanted cards - up there on the right side of this blog since july of 2009.  sometimes, the cards listed are fairly obscure, and sometimes they are just a wayward base card that has eluded me for some reason.  sometimes i wait, and sometimes i pull the trigger quickly to acquire one (or more) of the cards.  these days, i wonder how many people actually look at this blog via the web version, as the list doesn't show up on the mobile version as i currently have it configured.

anyway, the list today consists of the following:

1 - 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic steve garvey/reggie smith dual auto
2 - 2008 donruss threads steve garvey #/250 
3 - 2011 topps chrome clayton kershaw atomic refractor parallel #107 
4 - 2011 topps chrome chad billingsley atomic refractor parallel #167 
5 - 2014 topps update justin turner black parallel
6 - 2014 topps update justin turner camo parallel 
7 - 2014 topps update justin turner pink parallel
8 - 2014 topps alex guerrero target red border 
9 - 2014 topps chrome alex guerrero xfractor

this is a relatively new version of the list, except for number 1, which has been sitting there for quite some time.  that means that there have been some formerly nefarious acquisitions, some of which i will show here this morning.

it took me about two years, but i did finally pick up the fourth jackie robinson card (here are the other three) from 2004 upper deck sweet spot classics
this one celebrates his first minor league game.  he hit a home run that day (and was 4 for 5 overall), and was greeted at home plate by george shuba.

here's a 2014 topps archives duke snider card
that was on the most wanted list for a couple of weeks last year.  i appreciate the use of the 1980 design, as that's the year that duke was inducted into the hall of fame.

the next three cards were on the list for an even shorter time.  somehow, i missed a 2014 topps update paul maholm card

when putting together the team set on sportlots.  omission reversed.

i also wound up finding duplicates of a couple of parallels of justin turner's card from last year's update - the target red parallel
and the walmart blue version
i had put both on the nefarious 9 as i wanted doubles for the double play binder.  you'll note that there are still a couple of parallels of that card on the list.

another card on the list is steve garvey's 2008 donruss threads parallel numbered to 250.  i thought that i had one already and was missing the version numbered to 100 when i purchased this
turns out i already had the /100 version, so i still need the /250 one.

as always, any help is appreciated and rewarded.  please help a blogger out - i need to make room on that list for some 2015 cards!

27 January 2015

random notes about random cards

it's time for that sort of post again - a random assortment of cards that have been languishing in my scanned folder for various amounts of time.  excited, aren't you?

random card: 2001 fleer greats of the game carl erskine
random fact: the dodger logo on the card is from the team's los angeles days.  although oisk did pitch for the dodgers following their move to la, both the card's photo and team affiliation refer to him as a brooklyn dodger.  it's better when all of the features of the card match, but i still really like that 2001 greats of the game set.

random card: 2006 upper deck jeff kent
random fact: the player behind kent is jason repko. repko had a card in the 2006 as well, but it was the same number (283) as another player's and seems to be a bit harder to find.

random card: 2011 bowman chris withrow topps 100 insert
random fact: withrow needs to work on his 'suttoning' pose.

random card: 2013 bowman chrome jeremy rathjen mini parallel
random fact: rathjen seems to be looking at the same thing withrow is staring at.

random card: 2014 topps adrian gonzalez spring fever
random fact: gonzalez has mastered his jeremy rathjen pose.

random card: 2014 topps yasiel puig spring fever
random fact: dodger stadium is the only big league stadium with an in-house arborist.  if you've never been, it's worth giving yourself time to enjoy the landscaping, including the abundance of palm trees. that last sentence was a random opinion.

random card: 1982 topps joe ferguson
random fact: this card uses the same photo that topps featured on ferguson's 1981 topps card.

random card: 1985 7-up cubs coaching staff, featuring a member of the 1978 topps dodgers (johnny oates)
random fact: the only start of bill connors' pitching career came against the chicago cubs in 1967.  bet you thought i was going to give you a random oates or zimmer fact, didn't you?

random card: 1990 fleer baseball all-stars canadian steve sax
random fact: the only thing that makes this a canadian card is that it was printed in canada, and i am not sure that there is an american printed version, so it's not even a variation.

26 January 2015

black armbands for ray chapman

ray chapman was the shortstop for the cleveland indians from late in the 1912 season through august 16, 1920.  the schedule that day in august saw the indians play the yankees, and chapman was beaned in the head by yankee starter carl mays.  although he was initially able to walk to first base, chapman soon thereafter collapsed on the field and was taken to the hospital.  he passed away the next day, becoming the only major league player to die from being hit by a pitch, and one of two to have died directly or indirectly (the philadelphia athletics' doc powers died in 1909 from post-surgical infections brought on after being operated on to fix internal injuries he suffered after crashing into an outfield fence during a game) from injuries sustained on the field.

according to the hall of fame, many teams added black armbands to their uniforms in honor of chapman, including the indians, red sox, tigers, and yankees in the american league, along with the reds, robins, cubs, and giants in the national league.  i have in my memorials binder a few cards showing the armband, such as this 2002 upper deck sp legendary cuts ty cobb card

the tigers went away from the old english 'd' from 1918 through 1920, and 1920 is the only season that they wore a black armband (according to the hall of fame), so i am confident that the armband cobb is sporting is in honor of chapman.

similarly, the uniform that babe ruth is wearing on this 2011 topps stickers foil sticker
includes the black armband that the bronx bombers wore for chapman.  i know this because the jersey features the 'new york' lettering that the team wore on their away jerseys from the beginning of ruth's tenure with the team in 1920 through 1926. the club went back to 'new york' on the away grays during the last few seasons of ruth's yankee days (1930-1934), but the placement of the 'y' was different.  besides, the only other time the yankees wore a black armband while ruth was a member of the team was at the end of the 1929 season to mark the passing of manager miller huggins, which came during the time that the team's away jerseys said 'yankees' on the front.

also from the yankee team of 1920 comes the photo of hank thormahlen that was used on his 1990 target dodger 100th anniversary set
thormahlen actually looks like he's wearing two black armbands, and i don't know why.  he was a pitcher with the yankees from 1917 through 1920.  thormahlen actually relieved carl mays later in that fateful game and threw a scoreless 9th inning.

chapman's team, the indians, wore the armband for the remainder of the season and postseason, as they advanced to the world series against the brooklyn robins.  you'll notice in the photo linked above that, while the indians wore the armbands in the fall classic, the robins did not, or at least did not for the entire series.  i would guess that it was more likely that the non-cleveland teams wore the armband for a short time during the month of august.

anyway, this 2006 upper deck sp legendary cuts card represents the armband worn by the tribe in my collection. it features their ace - hall of famer stan coveleski
who is also wearing the armband on his 2006 upper deck classics card
coveleski was the starter for the indians in the game in which chapman was beaned, and he beat the yankees with a complete game for his 19th win of the season.  coveleski went on to beat the robins three times in the world series by completing each of his three starts, one of which was a shutout.

in 2010, the indians broke out the 1920 uniforms, complete with the black armband, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of their first championship.  here's a shin-soo choo toppstown card from 2011 topps that shows the throwback uni
so, i've got 3 of the 8 teams that reportedly wore the armbands in my collection, and i'm on the lookout for the others although i'm not holding out hope.

an indians' black armband for team president (and owner) jim dunn

jim dunn was the owner of the cleveland indians from 1916 until the time of his death in june of 1922.  as such, it was on his watch that the indians won their first world series in 1920 against the brooklyn robins.  following his passing, the team added black armbands to their left sleeves in dunn's honor.  tris speaker is wearing the armband on this 2002 fleer greats of the game card
even though fleer considers this to be a red sox card (he began his career in boston and won his mvp award there in 1912).  continuing the tie to the red sox, dunn and his partners had purchased the indians from charles somers, who at one time was the owner of the bosox.

that same photo of speaker, although more tightly cropped, also shows up on a 2003 upper deck sp legendary cuts card
with speaker identified as a member of the cleveland indians.  still, i've got the 2002 fleer greats card in my memorials binder for this one.

later today, i'll post another black armband worn by the indians in the 1920's - worn for ray chapman, to be specific.  while speaker was on that team (he hit .320 in the world series against the robins), we know that the photo on these two cards comes from 1922 thanks to the font of 'cleveland' on his jersey. the 1920 indian away jerseys used more of a block lettering style.  

25 January 2015

sunday morning target dodgers - release the loudenslager!

this week's sheet from the 1990 target dodger set features 15 guys who were pretty much unknown to me.  let's learn about them together!

ben chapman
chapman was the one guy on this sheet that i knew about, but i can't say that i knew he suited up for the brooklyn dodgers in 1944 and 1945.  nor was it because he was an outfielder for the yankees in the 1930's, playing alongside babe ruth and lou gehrig as a part of the 1932 world championship team.  he moved on to the senators, red sox, and indians later in the decade, and then split the 1941 season between the senators and white sox.  after that, chapman managed in the minor leagues for a couple of years, but reinvented himself as a pitcher and returned to the majors with the dodgers in 1944 and part of 1945.  chapman was 8-6 with a 4.26 era for brooklyn, who traded him to the phillies in june of 1945.  the next season, chapman became the manager of the phillies, and in 1947 exposed himself as one of the most vocal opponents of jackie robinson and integration of the major leagues with a vicious heckling display when the dodgers visited philadelphia early in the season.  unfortunately for chapman, this is the only reason i knew of him.  quite a poor thing to be known for.

chuck corgan
corgan suited up for the robins in 1925 and again in 1927 for a total of 33 games, hitting .221 as a major leaguer.  he also played professional football, and was a member of the new york giants in 1927. shortly after the football season ended that year, corgan was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1928 at the age of 25.

jud daley
daley hit .250 in 80 games as an outfielder with the 1911 and 1912 dodgers.

rowdy elliot
elliot finished his 5-year major league career (which spanned 11 seasons) with 41 games as a member of the 1920 brooklyn robins.  although he was a member of that pennant winning team, elliot did not appear in the world series against the indians, but he did catch the majority of the 26 innings that the robins and braves played on may 1, 1920.

pete gilbert
gilbert played in 6 games for the 1894 brooklyn grooms, going 2 for 25 before he was released by the club.

chris haughey
i don't really remember how i celebrated my 18th birthday. i was in college, so i can probably guess, but it was nothing like the way chris haughey spent his 18th.  on october 3, 1943, haughey turned 18 and made his major league debut as a member of the brooklyn dodgers.  he pitched 7 innings in relief against the reds on that final day of the 1943 season, taking the loss while allowing 3 earned runs.  haughey was soon serving in the military, and never did return to the majors after that birthday debut.

al hollingsworth
hollingsworth, whose surname matches that of todd hollandsworth in number of letters and the most in team history as far as i can tell, was very nearly a dodger double dipper.  he was acquired by the dodgers during the 1939 season and pitched in 8 games for them, with another appearance as a pinch-runner.  near the start of the 1940 season, his contract was purchased by the senators, for whom he appeared in 3 games. the senators returned hollingsworth to the dodgers, but he was sent to triple-a, and didn't make it back to the majors until 1942 as a member of the saint louis browns.

bert inks
i suppose inks' name joins the likes of rick waits, dave sells, and davey lopes as a name that doubles as a complete sentence, if you accept 'inks' as a verb.  he joined the grooms in 1891, fresh out of the university of notre dame, and went 3-10 in his 13 games (all of which he started). he was back with brooklyn in 1892, appearing in 9 games before joining the washington senators for the remainder of the season.

tom kinslow
what a wonderful mustache this grooms' catcher sported! kinslow appeared in about 65 games a year during his run with the grooms which lasted from 1891 through 1894.  he hit .271 during that time, with his 1892 season (66 games, .305 average, 11 triples) being his best.  kinslow was traded to the pirates in 1895.

charlie loudenslager
loudenslager played in one major league game. it occurred on april 15, 1904 with the brooklyn superbas.  loudenslager struck out in both of his plate appearances that day, but was perfect in the field (he had one assist in his lone chance at second base).  loudenslager played in the minors for several seasons (i'm thinking this photo comes from his days with the rochester bronchos of the eastern league) and later served in world war i.

bill mccabe
mccabe broke in with the chicago cubs in 1918, and remained with the team until the robins purchased his contract during the 1920 season.  his 41 regular season games with brooklyn that year would be his last in the majors, but he did get to appear in the 1920 world series as a pinch-runner in game 6.

terry mcdermott
mcdermott was the dodgers' first round pick in the 1969 draft. he worked his way up to double-a in 1972, and earned a late season call-up with the dodgers. in 9 september games with the club, mcdermott  hit .130 as a pinch-hitter and first baseman. he returned to the minors the following season, and spent the next few years in triple-a, unable to crack the big league roster.

george mohart
mohart pitched for the robins in 1920 and 1921. he was 0-1 in 15 games during that time, and did not appear in the 1920 world series.

gordon slade
slade began his career with the robins in 1930, and remained with the club through 1932 before being included in the trade that sent dazzy vance to the cardinals in 1933.  he played primarily shortstop, and hit .238 during his time in brooklyn.  slade finished his career with the reds in 1934 and 1935, which is where the photo used for his card comes from.

adonis terry
terry's days with the brooklyn club dated back to 1884 when the team was in the american association. he was still with the franchise when they joined the national league in 1890, which was the point of this 100th anniversary set.  terry won a career high 26 games for the national league champion grooms that year, but was just 6-16 the following season, and found himself released in 1892.

maybe i'll be back next sunday with some more recognizable names...

24 January 2015

i picked 'em poorly but came out ahead

i participated for the first time this past year in cards on cards' college bowl pick 'em league.  i wound up getting slightly less than half of the winners right, although i did get my highest confidence pick correct.  anyway, i was well out of the prize slot, but kerry sent me some cards anyway.  most of these come from his 2014 topps mini break, in which i took the dodgers and the mets.  i was hoping for a justin turner card as part of the mets team haul (he's turning two on the card), but it didn't pan out.  just like my picks.

here are some of the dodgers from the 2014 topps mini set that kerry rescued from sealed packs for me:

clayton kershaw cy young
the now retired josh beckett
the now unsigned free agent chad billingsley
the now unsigned free agent brian wilson
the now red sox left fielder hanley ramirez
the now full-time dodger left fielder carl crawford
the now still a fourth outfielder andre ethier
the dodger right fielder yasiel puig (unless joc can't handle center)
plus a 'the future is now' puig insert
i should probably show some of the ny metropolitans that came my way, so here are bobby parnell
and ey jr
kerry also sent a few cards towards my 2001 topps heritage set, including former and current twin torii hunter
plus a nice 2004 donruss classics rickey henderson card
which counts as a final tribute since rickey didn't appear in the majors after his 2003 stint with the dodgers
no active player has more stolen bases that ichiro, who sits at 487.  rickey had 1406 in his career.  although barry bonds eventually passed rickey in career walks, he is still the career leader in runs scored, with the closest active player (alex rodriguez) over 350 runs behind.

last, and maybe least, here is a 1986 fleer update card of alex trevino
who played catch under the watchful eye of a stalker after joining the dodgers.

thanks kerry! i'll be sending some cards on cards your way soon!