19 August 2014

big o from big d

so, here's my 1960 topps don drysdale all-star high number card
it's a bit of a diamond cut, but that's ok.  it was one of the last cards i needed to complete my 1960 topps team set, but i've had it for a while now and figured it was worth posting.  the back of the card is fantastic
to see 'moider' in print outside of, say, old mad magazines is great.  too bad there is no mention of 'fershlugginer' or 'potrzebie'.  drysdale's slugging prowess again gets the cartoon treatment on the back of his 1963 topps card
which is kind of crazy because he won the cy young award in 1962.  you'd think topps would have a cartoon with that as the subject.

in all, big d hit 29 homers and drove in 113 runs in his career.  he matched the 7 homers he hit in 1958 with another 7 in 1965, and he even hit .300 that year.  he also hit two homers off of warren spahn that season - one when spahn was with the mets, and the other when spahn was pitching for the giants.  oddly enough, drysdale was 0 for 3 with 2 k's in all-star games, and 0 for 10 with 7 strikeouts in world series play.  so, if there's one fault that drysdale had, it's that he couldn't hit american league pitching.

18 August 2014

a memorial patch for chub feeney

charles s. "chub" feeney was a lifelong baseball man who got his start as a batboy for the new york giants thanks to the fact that his grandfather was the principal owner of the team.  in 1936, his uncle took over, and when feeney returned from service during world war ii, he made chub a club executive.  following chub's death from a heart attack in january of 1994, the giants wore a patch with his initials on their left sleeve during the strike shortened season.

you can see the patch on bill swift's 1995 upper deck collector's choice special edition card
it's there on john patterson's 1995 donruss card
as well as the front
and back
of patterson's 1995 upper deck collector's choice card

dave burba's 1995 topps card gives a good view of the patch
as does this really shiny (only when scanned) 1995 leaf cornerstones card featuring matt williams and jr phillips
that card is nice but it's this 1995 sportflix uc3 matt williams card that is in the memorials binder
in between his return from military service and his death, feeney oversaw the giants' move to san francisco and very nearly became the commissioner of baseball in 1969.  after losing the vote to bowie kuhn, feeney was named national league president in 1970 and was the main force in convincing the owners of his league to resist the designated hitter rule.  feeney gave way to the new national league president, a. bartlett giamatti, in 1986 and retired.  joan kroc later convinced feeney to un-retire, and he agreed to join the padres as their general manager during the 1987 season.  he lasted in that role through the 1988 campaign, or at least through most of it, as he resigned during the season's final days after giving the finger to some fans who wanted a change made in the gm position.

a memorial patch for rod beck

rod beck, also known as 'shooter', was one of the better closers of the 1990's.  he came up with the giants in 1991 and recorded 199 saves for them in his seven seasons with the club.  when he died during the 2007 season, the team added a memorial patch to their left sleeves.  the 'beck 47' rectangular patch is visible on ryan klesko's 2008 topps card
as well as the front
and back of rajai davis' 2008 upper deck card
the card that represents the patch in my collection, however, is this 2008 upper deck first edition card of dave roberts
after leaving san francisco, beck joined the cubs for the 1998 season.  that year, he saved a career-high 51 games and became the subject of one of my favorite non-dodger cards.  he soon moved on to the red sox, and after tommy john surgery and a minor league stint with the iowa cubs (during which beck notoriously lived in his rv and would sometimes have fans come hang out with him there and have a beer or two after the game), he finished his big league career with the padres in 2004.  during his time with the pads, beck went to rehab for substance abuse, and it is thought that drugs contributed to his death at the age of 38.

17 August 2014

sunday morning target dodgers - more housecleaning

just like last week, today's installment of cards from the 1990 target dodger giveaway feature some partial sheets.   when i first started showing these cards, i wasn't doing it by sheet, and now my ocd has caught up to me.

i've actually featured this max butcher card before (in this extremely lame post)
but i didn't say anything about him.  butcher's big league career began with the dodgers in 1936, going 6-6 with a 3.96 era in 38 games.  he was used as both a starter and reliever, and in 1937 he won 11 games (against 15 losses) including his first career shutout.  he was 5-4 for brooklyn part way through the 1938 season when the dodgers traded him to the phillies.

curt davis
twice in his career, davis was traded as part of a package for a hall of famer.  he was acquired by the cubs from the phillies in 1936 when philadelphia brought chuck klein back, and then two years later, the cubs sent him to saint louis in a deal for dizzy dean.  two years after that, in 1940, the dodgers acquired him, and this time he came along with a hall of famer (joe medwick).  davis pitched for the dodgers for the remainder of the 1940 season through the 1945 season, plus one appearance in 1946.  he was 66-54 with 13 shutouts in that span.  davis was the dodgers' starter in game one of the 1941 world series.  he took the loss after allowing three runs in 5.1 innings, but he held joe dimaggio hitless!

bill lamar
lamar began his career in 1917 with the new york yankees, and played for them until he joined the red sox in 1919.  that season was babe ruth's last in boston, and following ruth's sale to the yankees, the bosox sent lamar to louisville of the american association (aa) for a guy (tim hendryx) that was supposed to replace the bambino.  later that same season (1920), lamar joined the robins and helped them reach the world series.  he was 0 for 3 in the fall classic as the club fell to the indians.  lamar returned to brooklyn in 1921, appearing in only 3 games before he was sent to toledo of the aa.  he resurfaced a few seasons later with connie mack's athetics, and enjoyed some good seasons including a .356 season in 1925.

mike sharperson
sharperson is best known as the dodgers' lone all-star representative in their horrible 1992 season.  he hit an even .300 that year, but was batting .328 at the break.  he was 0 for 1 in the game, striking out against dennis eckersley in the 9th inning.  sharperson had first joined the dodgers during the 1987 season when they sent pitcher juan guzman to the blue jays in exchange for the infielder.  he played everywhere in the infield for the dodgers which i thought was pretty cool.  the dodgers released sharperson just as the 1994 season was starting, and he bounced around a bit.  he did get back to the majors with the braves in 1995, and was in the padres' organization in 1996 when he died in a car accident on his way to report to the big club, if i recall correctly.
the other 11 guys on this particular sheet are:  john rutherford and lonny frey (featured here); charlie babb (featured here); jack dalton (featured here); zack taylor (featured here); don hoak (featured here); clem labine and babe phelps (featured here); franklin stubbs (featured here); red barkley (featured here); and george stallings (featured here)

here's another partial sheet of guys that didn't get their due.

burt shotton
come to think of it, i did used this card in this evolution of the manager post.  oh well, it's worth noting again that shotton was jackie robinson's second major league manager, taking over for clyde sukeforth after two games into the 1947 season.  sukeforth, of course, was filling in for the suspended leo durocher.  shotton led the dodger club to the pennant in 1947 and then gave way to durocher.  shotton returned to the helm later in the 1948 season after durocher quit to manage the giants, and this time he stayed through the 1950 season, winning another pennant in 1949.  if you saw the movie "42", you might recall that shotton didn't wear a uniform as the manager, so the image used for the card may show him in his game attire.

roy gleason
like shotton's, i've shown gleason's card before - in an appropriate veteran's day post.  a promising player, gleason's baseball career was effectively ended with his service in vietnam.  he boasts a career 1.000 batting average, and his story is definitely worth checking out.  i am proud to sponsor his baseball-reference page.

herbie moran
moran played for brooklyn in 1912 and 1913 and had the two best seasons of his seven-year career.  he hit .271 as a dodger and superba, with a cumulative ops of .686. he was a member of the 1914 world champion boston braves, although he hit only .077 in the world series.

here are the other players that share space with shotton, gleason and moran on this sheet:  tacks latimer and ed lennox and george steele (featured here); bob caruthers and george cutshaw and red downey (featured here); nelson greene and doc mcjames (featured here); howard freigau and bill fischer and red evans (featured here); and dan griner (featured here)

16 August 2014

an inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of giants collectors

i believe economist adam smith would agree that a baseball card is only worth what someone is willing to give up to obtain it.  well, i was willing to send some giant cards to another smith - arpsmith - of arpsmith's sportscard obsession in order to obtain some random dodger cards.  smith also noted that individuals who own surplus stock would generally look to gain from the excess, and arpsmith clearly subscribes to that theory because he sent me some of his collection's excess - mainly these (and a few more) dodger cards.

1967 topps ron fairly
it's always nice to see some vintage in these blind trades.  even better when the dodger is wearing number 6 which means it's either a carl furillo, fairly, or steve garvey card.  those three were the only dodgers to wear the number from 1946 through 1982.

1988 topps traded alfredo griffin
when i saw this card i thought of baseball card vandals and wondered if they had changed this into a nate griffin card yet.

1993 score select henry rodriguez
outfielders that the dodgers kept instead of henry rodriguez (who hit 140 home runs over the five and a half seasons following his 1995 trade from the dodgers to the expos) included can't miss prospects billy ashley, roger cedeno, and karim garcia who between them had 33 home runs for the dodgers (although power admittedly was not cedeno's thing).

2001 pacific shawn green
and 2001 pacific jim leyritz
thank goodness for pacific.  i have plenty of shawn green dodger cards, but only a couple of leyritz in dodger blue - this one and a 2001 upper deck victory card.  i don't know if any others even exist.

2001 pacific private stock adrian beltre
beltre will be inducted into the hall of fame, i have no doubt.  he is 7 home runs shy of 400 and about 450 hits shy of 3000 (just 41 behind steve garvey) and is signed through next season with a vesting option for 2016.  it is likely that he would get his 3000th hit in 2017 at the age of 38 if things stay relatively the same.  if he does it as a ranger, that would mean that he would have played as many seasons in texas as he did in los angeles, and so i would guess that he would be inducted wearing a rangers' hat.  we will have to wait and see what happens.

2013 topps joe blanton gold parallel
smith was a critic of mercantilism which endorsed the keeping of gold reserves as part of a country's economic stability.  i guess i disagree in that i will hoard all gold parallels of dodger cards.  even those of joe blanton, who was 2-4 with a 4.99 era in his 10 games as a dodger.

2014 donruss matt kemp power plus insert
here's a card dealing with surplus - a surplus of talent, a player not one-dimensional, making dodger fans happy, while providing financial gain for the individual to the tune of a $160-million contract through 2019.  i actually already owned this card, so perhaps i will attempt to turn my surplus into gain by trading with a fellow dodger collector…

thanks for the trade adam!  i'll have some excess giant cards headed your way soon!

15 August 2014

russell martin shines

man, this 2008 bowman sterling russell martin bat relic card shines like nobody's business.
you remember russell martin, right?  he was the dodgers' catcher from 2006 through 2010, and had a couple of really good seasons for them even though his batting average dropped each season following his .293 clip in 2007.  that categorical decline continued even after he joined the yankees via free agency prior to 2011, and it wasn't until last season, his first with the pirates, that his average saw an uptick.

this year, martin is hitting .288 (through yesterday) with a career-best .409 obp.  good for him, i say.  he also is sitting on exactly 1000 career hits - tied with (as vin scully might say) old friend jamey carroll.

it has been well documented that martin has many fantastic baseball cards to his name, but not all of his appearances on cardboard are credited.  he at least shares the credit on a couple of cards from 2007 topps update & highlights - this card with his future teammate alex rodriguez
and this one with cole hamels
hamels is sporting the john vukovich memorial patch, while arod is wearing a black armband in memory of cory lidle.  martin, meanwhile, is just wearing the tools of ignorance.  as it turns out, being a catcher is a good way to show up on other people's cards.  just ask jerry grote.

that's martin crouching on kevin youkilis' 2008 topps update card
and there he is again on this justin morneau card from 2008 upper deck documentary
that's two canadians on one card!  both of those cards above were made possible by martin's presence at the all-star game in new york that year (morneau did some lurking of his own at that game as he wound up on brian mccann's 2008 topps update & highlights card)
sometimes a regular season game is enough to earn your way onto another player's card, as is the case with this 2009 topps andy laroche card featuring martin
and sometimes it is a horrific event in a postseason game that gets you some bonus cardboard time.  martin was there behind the plate when matt stairs of the phillies hit a go-ahead two-run home run in game 4 of the 2008 nlcs.  the scene was captured on this 2009 topps card
two canadians, again.  that card brings to mind the 1994 upper deck all-time heroes card of reggie jackson's third home run in game 6 of the 1977 world series (also shown on an upper deck masterpieces card) that features dodger catcher steve yeager (and charlie hough), as well as the 1994 topps card that recalled hank aaron's 715th career home run that features dodger catcher joe ferguson behind the plate.  and, somewhere, i have a card showing mickey owen giving chase to his dropped third strike in the 1941 series.  and they aren't the only dodger backstops to suffer this losing while lurking fate - take a look at this 2005 topps card that presents highlights from the 2004 nlds between the dodgers and cardinals.
there on the bottom half behind albert pujols (who has just hit a series-clinching home run) is dodger catcher brent mayne.  mayne, as far as i know, appears on only one other card as a dodger, so this is half of my brent mayne dodger collection.  i have quite a few more cards of russell martin as a dodger than that, thankfully, and if aj ellis doesn't get some offense going, maybe ned will see to it that i get some more martin as a dodger cards in 2015.

14 August 2014

two more pages from the steve garvey oddball binder

i have three versions of the 1979 topps comics steve garvey issue in my garvey oddball binder (here is a handy link to all garvey binder posts, by the way).  here are two of the three, along with a couple other oddballs.
so that would be a uncut garvey panel in the top left and the actual pack-pulled issue on the top right.  filling out this particular page in the binder is a 1981 msa blank-back disc and a 1981 topps scratch off panel featuring two of garvey's three fellow infielders, ron cey and davey lopes.

nothing exciting to see on the backs of those items, except for perhaps the scratch off
ninety cents and a wrapper for a ball-strike indicator.  such a deal.

this next page gets us into some oddball meat.  have a look at some garvey goodness, only slightly spoiled by one very visible padre item
what we have here is a 1981 all-star game program insert, a 1981 topps sticker, a 1982 all-star game insert, two 1982 o-pee-chee stickers, two 1982 topps stickers, a 1983 all-star game insert, a 1983 fleer stamp, a 1983 sleer sticker, and a 1983 o-pee-chee sticker.

here are the backs, which are the only way to tell the o-pee-chee stickers from the topps versions
the 1982 stickers showing garvey at the plate in dodger stadium features sweet 1981 world series action.  why topps included world series stuff in their sticker release but not the flagship really chaps my hide.

i used to have a 1980 all-star game program, but i don't recall any inserts similar to the ones that have been cut up and sold off like the ones shown here.  those are the types of oddballs that i once rejected (i still don't have any desire for the red foley oddballs), but i have somewhat arbitrarily softened my stance in recent years.

more garvey goodness to come - stay tuned...