19 April 2014

double play turns from fuji

i received a quick four card delivery from fuji recently featuring four double play turns and a dodger lurker.

i believe that this 1993 upper deck wil cordero card
shows a botched double play turn on tatooine.  i will assume that cordero lost control of the ball as he attempted to make the transfer from his glove and avoid the sliding cub at the same time.  plus fight off sand people.

1995 upper deck sp benji gil
spring training double play!  i like the red foil here - the only other cards i have from this set (i think) are dodgers, so i had not seen red foil before.

1998 upper deck sp jay bell
purple jerseys.  blech.

2003 fleer focus jersey edition jimmy rollins
with paul loduca sliding in!

thanks fuji!  i'll be sending some stuff your way shortly...

18 April 2014

an overdue greg maddux hall of fame post - with final tributes!

greg maddux was only 8-7 as a dodger in two partial-season stints and he won't be wearing a dodger cap on his hall of fame plaque, but his final tribute cards are all dodger goodness.

here's his 2009 topps heritage card
with his final season and career stats on the back
maddux was 2-4 with a no decision for the dodgers in 2008.  he rejoined the blue in august, so the sept. 14 and sept. 27 highlights mentioned above came as a dodger.  the 9/14 game was the no decision game, as the dodgers eventually lost 1-0.  the 9/27 game was the final game of maddux's career, so at least he went out a winner in the regular season.  maddux also pitched four scoreless innings for the dodgers in the 2008 postseason, which were his final big league appearances.

here's his 2009 upper deck card
with a few seasons' worth of stats on the back
it is true that maddux beat the pads on 9/1/08, but they turned the tables on him a week later.

here's his 2009 upper deck first edition card
which is pretty much the same as his regular upper deck card
here's his 2009 topps card
which is somewhat spoiled by the airbrushing.  however, it has his full career stats on the back, like a true final tribute should
it is worth noting that maddux's final win put him ahead of roger clemens on the all-time victories list, so he did achieve a major milestone with the dodgers.  he also collected his final career base hit in dodger blue, driving in what proved to be the winning run in that 9/1 game against the padres.

maddux will be joined in cooperstown by former teammate tom glavine, seen here on a 1995 upper deck collector's choice se card
featuring a dodger stadium backdrop, and by frank thomas, whose 1998 pacific crown collection didn't quite make the cut for my jackie robinson day anniversary patch posts
speaking of those posts, i mentioned that the white sox wore a nellie fox patch on the road instead of the jackie patch.  thomas' 1998 upper deck card gives us a good look at that patch
i probably should have looked for some glavine and thomas final tributes for this post, but i did not.  maybe some other time...

17 April 2014

1978 topps redux

because it was the first set i collected, i think that the 1978 topps set design is great.  i plan on buying some heritage in 13 years due to that fact, and, i have completed my 1978 topps extended set by acquiring the variation and 'missing' cards that were included in the various 1978 burger king releases and 1978 topps zest.  heck, i even created a bunch of cards for the dodger players from 1977 and 1978 that weren't featured as dodgers or at all in the set.  i love this set.  

now, like many others, i can see a touch of the 1978 topps design in the 2014 donruss release.  it's really too bad that they also tried to incorporate 1987 donruss into it as well, because the borders are too wide as a result.  i am not a fan of 2014 donruss.  i am a fan, however, of topps archives and fan favorites releases that used the 1978 design for some of their cards.  like dusty baker here from 2005 topps all-time fan favorites
that card would have fit right in with the rest of the dodgers in the real 1978 set.

as would have this jack clark card from 2003 topps all-time fan favorites
and this mark fidrych card, also from 2003
i pulled an autographed version of this from one of the two boxes i broke back in '03.  i'm too lazy to go find it right now, however.

ron guidry's card is nice, but the black armband means it would be better as a card from 1980, 81, or 82.
still, i'll take it.

the last of the cards from the 2003 topps atff release that uses the 1978 topps design (as far as i know) is this jim rice
it's nice, but i like the laughing jim rice better on his official 1978 topps card

moving on to the 2005 topps all-time fan favorites set, and in addition to the johnnie b. baker card up top, we have a good looking bob boone card
and another dodger, rick monday
this card is much better than mo's actual card from 1978 upon which he is wiping mustard from his chin.  the back is nice - it keeps the 'home run' value that his original card had - but it adds a reference to his 1981 nlcs home run
rather than his 3-homer game in 1972, which is what his original 1978 card had.

when topps archives was released in 2012, i was curious if the 1978 design would be used.  it did wind up on a couple of autographed short prints, like this greg luzinski
and a george foster card that i have yet to obtain.  if anyone wants to pick a foster up for me, rest assured, you will be rewarded.

in 2013, there were two short prints from the topps archives set that used the 1978 design - larry bowa
and the cobra, dave parker
i'm not used to seeing parker look so happy on his cards, but i sure am glad to see this card design again.

16 April 2014

nothing rhymes with purple

no, nothing rhymes with purple, but jose hernandez is pretty happy that i found a 2014 topps heritage blaster that came with a purple refractor parallel in each pack.
i know a few of you have also found one of these, but this is the first time i have been so fortunate.  this was the second (and final) blaster i purchased of heritage this year, and as bad as the first one was, i think i deserved all of this purple.

one pack included two of the parallels - this david ortiz card
and the fat panda, pablo sandoval
will the dodgers trade in one large third baseman for another when this season is done?  stay tuned.

more purple - nelson cruz
cliff lee
patrick corbin
carlos beltran
edwin encarnacion
and jose bautista
the blaster also yielded a joey bats jersey card
don't worry - there were some normal cards in the blaster, too.  like this lance berkman final tribute
yes, these are berkman's complete career stats on the back.
i was a fan of berkman's in the early 2000's - who wouldn't have been - but i was secretly glad that he saved some of his poorest regular season play for his short stint with the yankees.

i was a juan marichal magnet, although both cards i pulled feature him as a giant, and not as a dodger.  here's a baseball flashback
and a then and now insert, featuring max scherzer
more giants - a high numbered hunter pence
and another high number, derek jeter
there was a third high number in the blaster - wil myers
who was also the subject of the blaster's target red parallel
as for dodgers, there were only three - aj ellis
dan haren
and matt kemp
so i had to grab this sandy koufax/clayton kershaw then and now insert from another source
speaking of other sources, the non-dodger cards in this post are available - preferably for some dodger blue purple, if you know what i mean.

15 April 2014

thank you jackie robinson

no time like the present to show the few jackie robinson cards that i've had in my scanned folder for a while…

2001 fleer greats of the game
2007 upper deck sweet spot classic
2010 topps national chicle - a short print, i believe
2012 topps a cut above insert
2012 topps career day insert
and, what the heck.  let's see it again.  1952 topps
thank you jackie robinson!