05 June 2012

quien es mas macho? or, may i tempt you with some vintage backstops?

i had limited time at the most recent local card show, so i went straight to the vintage bargain bins.  i was primarily looking for some non-dodgers vintage trade bait in response to a trade offer i had received, but i couldn't resist picking up this beauty - a 1955 bowman roy campanella
the 1955 nl mvp looks pretty happy, no?  somewhere underneath campy in the bin, was his rival backstop yogi berra.  in a moment of weakness, i grabbed his card, too
while the campy just shows some corner rounding and wear, the berra is in rougher shape, plus it is trimmed.  take a closer look - here's campy again with berra below so you can see how much narrower the berra card is
the text on the back is all there, though.  i am thinking that there is someone out there who might be ok with owning a 1955 bowman yogi berra even if it is trimmed.  i didn't pay much for it, so offers don't need to be too extravagant.  anyway, in a laugher, the 1955 bowman roy campanella is has macho.

i also picked up a 1961 topps campanella
which is also trade bait since i own this card already.  but it was sitting on top of the bin just looking at me with a $5 price tag and i couldn't leave campy behind.

i did pick up a 1951 bowman cal abrams that was on my want list
it looks like cal is standing in a men's room.  since this is the first time i have featured abrams on the blog, i figured i should learn a bit about him.  he started his career in brooklyn and played for the dodgers from 1949-1952, although he was traded to the reds in june of '52, so he didn't get a chance to appear in the world series that year.  an outfielder for the most part, abrams also played for the pirates, orioles, and white sox.  he passed away in 1997 and was buried in his dodger uniform - most likely bearing number 32.

on the way out, i dug through a dime box and grabbed a few dodgers from 2012 topps archives, like dee gordon
and clayton kershaw
they pale in comparison to the vintage, though.

let me know if you want the berra.  and the '61 campy as well.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Dude, sweet pickups! I need to find one of those "vintage bargain bins" somewhere. Even if the Berra is trimmed, it's still a 55 Bowman.

Nick said...

Great scores! It's always a treat to find a discount vintage box, much less ones with some '55 Bowmans inside.

I've always been a big fan of the set.