25 October 2012

topps dodger autograph project - 1984 through 1989

the mid-80's were still heady days in southern california.  the dodgers were in the postseason, in odd years at least (through 1985), and also if 1988. and, they still had a few members of the team of my youth kicking around through the middle of the decade.  let's take a look at some of my ttm successes from 1984-1989.  as usual, thanks to the lost collector for the inspiration for these posts.  these autographs were obtained through the mail for free, and the players shown have not shown up in the topps dodger autograph project before.

1984 topps, fernando valenzuela
fernando is a fickle signer, at least in my experience.  i'm not complaining, though - he has signed a few cards for me.  i also have received 1984 topps cards signed courtesy of dave anderson, candy maldonado, mike marshall, jose morales, tom niedenfuer, jerry reuss, derrel thomas, and pat zachry, as well as joe beckwith and rafael landestoy.

i only have one 1984 topps traded card signed, though, and it's mike vail.

1984 topps traded, mike vail
i don't count the traded sets towards the successful completion of this project, but if i have 'em i will show 'em.

1985 topps, burt hooton
hooton has signed for me a few times.  i have also had success with 1985 topps cards from dave anderson, greg brock, rick honeycutt, mike marshall, candy maldonado, tom niedenfuer, jerry reuss, steve sax, franklin stubbs, fernando valenzuela, and pat zachry.  plus sid bream.  i should show his cards sometime.

here's where the topps traded successes come to an end.  i would love to get al oliver to sign one of his cards, and i have sent a card to mariano duncan without success.  bobby castillo and ken howell are the other dodgers to appear in the set.  castillo has signed for me, with a fee, but i didn't sent his '85 tt card.  howell has also signed for me, but again, i didn't send an '85 card.

1986 topps, enos cabell
cabell was one of many who tried to replace ron cey.  he hit .292 down the stretch for the dodgers after they acquired him during the 1985 season.  in the nlcs against the cardinals, however, he was just 1 for 11.  1986 was the final season of his career - he went out a dodgers.  other dodgers who have signed their 1986 topps card for me include bob bailor, greg brock, rick honeycutt, jay johnsone, tom niedenfuer, jerry reuss, bill russell (dodgers leaders card), steve sax, len matuszek, and bill russell.  i also have a ken howell signed card that i picked up in a lot on ebay.

1986 topps traded is another shutout for me.  my options there are ed vande berg (sent, but not yet received), franklin stubbs (i should send - he's a good signer), and alex trevino (haven't sent - don't think he signs ttm).  if i get the vande berg back, i'll update the post.

1987 topps, steve sax
saxy!  when i first started sending cards ttm, sax didn't sign.  but then he started signing profusely.  i am grateful.  other 1987 topps cards i have successfully obtained with signatures through the mail came from greg brock, ron perranoski, mariano duncan, rick honeycutt, mike marshall, tom niedenfuer, jerry reuss, bill russell, steve sax (regular base card), franklin stubbs, reggie williams, ed vande berg, maury wills (with fee) as well as len matuszek, and bill russell and a fernando valenzuela card i picked up by trade.

1987 topps traded, matt young
back with a traded success in 1987.  there were 7 dodgers in the set, and i think tim leary and mickey hatcher might sign as well.  but, i only have the young card signed.  he signed some other cards for me, too.

1988 topps, len matuszek
matuszek's final season was in 1987, so this would be his final tribute card.  he's signed a couple of other cards for me, which i don't think i have featured here yet.  other dodgers who have signed their 1988 topps cards for me include phil garner, tim leary, ken howell, mike marshall, steve sax, franklin stubbs, matt young, and glenn hoffman.

i'm without a success from the 1988 topps traded set. kirk gibson, mike davis, and jesse orosco don't sign, but i might be able to get a tim belcher, alfredo griffin, or jay howell success.  i'll have to work on that.  not sure why mickey hatcher wasn't in the traded set that year; i'm sure he would sign for me.  oh wait, he did.

1989 topps, mickey hatcher
the stunt man has signed for me a couple of times.  i am glad to see him back with the dodgers even though i don't know exactly what he does.  i have also received 1989 topps cards signed by dave anderson, alfredo griffin, ricky horton, jay howell, tim leary, franklin stubbs, john tudor, tracy woodson, plus ramon martinez (with fee), and tim belcher.

no dice from the 1989 topps traded set.  the only dodgers in that set were eddie murray, willie randolph, and mike morgan.  i think my best chance would be to find a morgan card for sale somewhere.  maybe even around here, since he pitched for the twins (no surprise there) at one point during the latter years of his career.

until then, here's the list of each year's representative card (so far):

1951 topps - preacher roe (purchased)
1952 topps - rocky bridges
1953 topps - bobby morgan
1954 topps - billy herman (purchased)
1955 topps - don zimmer (purchased)
1956 topps - randy jackson
1957 topps - carl erskine
1958 topps - joe pignatano
1959 topps - fred kipp
1960 topps - chuck essegian
1961 topps - bob aspromonte
1962 topps - norm sherry
1963 topps - ed roebuck
1964 topps - ken mcmullen
1965 topps - dick tracewski
1966 topps - john kennedy
1967 topps - phil regan
1968 topps - jim campanis
1969 topps - jeff torborg
1970 topps - al mcbean
1971 topps - sandy vance
1972 topps - manny mota
1973 topps - wes parker
1974 topps - claude osteen
1974 topps traded - jim wynn
1975 topps - ron cey
1975 topps mini - joe ferguson
1976 topps - bill russell
1976 topps traded - dusty baker
1977 topps - steve garvey
1978 topps - dave lopes
1979 topps - charlie hough
1980 topps - jerry reuss
1981 topps - doug rau
1981 topps traded - ken landreaux
1982 topps - dave goltz
1982 topps traded - jose morales
1983 topps - ron roenicke
1983 topps traded - rafael landestoy
1984 topps - fernando valenzuela
1984 topps traded - mike vail
1985 topps - burt hooton
1986 topps - enos cabell
1987 topps - steve sax
1987 topps traded - matt young
1988 topps - len matuszek
1989 topps - mickey hatcher

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