15 October 2012

from alston to young to me from someone, part 2

while i was able to determine who sent me the 'anonymous' package the other day, there are still a bunch of cards to show off from the 150 dodgers that were included.  the cards were packaged alphabetically by last name, so this post will focus on the second half of the alphabet.  here's a 1997 fleer golden memories card of hideo nomo
it, of course, highlights his no-hitter at coors field in 1996.  it might be the only card to also reference a player's 'wa'.

here's a 1999 fleer tradition warning track card of carlos perez
apparently playing fetch in dodger stadium.  i miss the outfield wall murals.

did you know that juan pierre was fast?  upper deck figured that out and included him in the 2007 sp authentic 'authentic speed' insert set
rafael furcal is also in the set, so i guess i need to track him down now.

i had never heard of 1993 upper deck diamond gallery until a short time ago, and here's a mike piazza card from that set
he looks a bit like an unfrozen caveman lawyer who is being thawed out after falling into a crevasse.  phil hartman, you are missed.

also missed is johnny podres, seen here on a 2005 donruss greats card.
i need to see if i have all of the dodgers from this set.  it's very nicely done.

there were a few ismael valdes cards in the box, including this nice 1998 fleer ultra gold medallion parallel
it's strange to see dodger stadium in a montone color like that.

i was going to end the post with this 1999 fleer tradition warning track card of valdes tipping his cap
but i figured i would go all the way to the end of the package's alphabet.  that means that this 2007 upper deck sp legendary cuts maury wills card
gets to see some blog time, as does this 1999 bowman eric young international parallel.
so there you have it, a sampling of the cards i received from eutaw street cardboard.  good stuff.

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