07 October 2012

some of what's green is gold and other tales from the scanner

i was able to work out a quick trade with foul bunt recently.  he had a couple of 2012 topps chrome dodgers, and i had a couple of vintage cards he needed.  easy breezy.

here's the first one - it's clayton kershaw
and this is the other - a matt kemp xfractor
thanks william.  i guess my scanner didn't feel like scanning two chrome cards without making at least one of them go crooked, so there you go.  if i get a really crooked card, i might straighten it in photoshop, or maybe just re-scan, but i didn't bother with this batch.

yes, that wasn't all - i had picked up a couple other chrome cards recently, like this ian kinsler double play card
and this starlin castro dp card
both of which got a little cockeyed when the lid came down.

i was kind of confused when i scanned some other cards i came across recently.  this is a 2012 bowman platinum andre ethier emerald parallel card.
that makes sense, with the green background and all.  but i'm not sure where the wavy lines came from.

but then there was this card.  it appears to be a 2012 bowman platinum matt kemp emerald parallel as well
 except that when i slapped it down on the scanner, it was a gold parallel.  same with this kershaw
i guess my scanner can't be trusted, although it didn't do too badly with this last card - an ethier relic from 2012 topps tier one.
that's the only card i have from tier one, but i'm willing to see how my scanner deals with other cards from that set, should anyone out there have some dodgers to trade!

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