27 October 2010

dave anderson through the mail successes!

last year i sent a few cards to dave anderson, the former dodger shortstop and current rangers third base coach, in the hopes that he would sign and return them.  i didn't get them back.  then, during spring training this year, i gave it another shot, and a few months later, voila!

1984 donruss
1984 topps
1985 topps
to make matters even better, he didn't do what clint hurdle and vladimir guerrero did and send a team postcard.  buoyed by the first success, i sent another request and anderson again came through.

1989 score
1989 topps
1989 upper deck (in dodger stadium!)
1990 topps
it's an embarrassment of riches, really.

for the record, i am rooting for the rangers to win the world series, for the following reasons:

1. they are not the giants
2. vladdy
3. former dodger (i don't recognize his year with the giants) dave anderson is their third base coach
4. former dodger ron washington is their manager
5. they are not the giants

anderson may be best known for being the on deck decoy during mike davis' at bat in game 1 of the world series. he was called back to the dugout when gibby came up and the rest is history. here's hoping dave bears witness to some rangers game 1 magic this year.
thanks dave!

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