06 October 2012

discount lineage

when i stopped by target the other day to pick up some 2012 topps update, i noticed the discount box of 2011 topps lineage sitting there.  i hadn't really dabbled in lineage at all when it came out thanks to it not being what i expected as far as something along the lines of the fan favorites releases of the early 2000's.

anyway, i couldn't resist the $11.99 price tag and i bought the blaster.  i opened it after i got through my update stuff, so it was sure to be a let down.  still, got some dodgers, 
some vladdy, 
some bert
 some steady eddie cloth
 some retiring brave mini
 and some white sox relic goodness (?)
not sure what i'm gonna do with this stuff - i still don't care much for it.  anyone trying to complete a set?


Spiegel83 said...

I am interested in the Eddie Murray. May you set that one aside for me for our trade?

Scott Sawyer said...

I'm interested in the Chipper and the Dunn

gcrl said...

scott - i'll set them aside. there was also a base chipper that i'll add to the pile.