03 October 2012

just following orders

greg over at plaschke tsia posted recently about a matt kemp 2012 topps finest insert card he had picked up.  he told anyone who was reading to go get that card, so i did.  i am good at taking orders, i guess.  he wasn't kidding - the card is fantastic:
here, let me supersize it for you
greg's copy shows the blue borders, but i also like the way it scanned for me. a very nice card.  i picked it up on sportlots for fifty cents.  but, i couldn't let it travel alone, so i picked up a kemp base refractor from the same set
plus his regular base
and clayton as well
i skipped finest this year, just like most everything else as far as packs go.  so, to get these cards for just over $2 shipped i was pretty pleased.  not a bad price for seriously a very sweet card.

thanks for the tip, greg!

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Greg Zakwin said...

excellent pickup! fellow Dodgers' fans, follow his lead!