04 October 2012

annihilating the nefarious 9 - can you help a blogger out?

here's how the nefarious 9 looked the other day

1 - 2004 fleer greats of the game announcing greats steve garvey/vin scully
2 - 1970 milton bradley tom haller
3 - 1985 fleer #384 steve sax
4 - 1978 kellogg's tommy john
5 - 1993 upper deck sp #98 mike piazza
6 - 1988 drakes #26 pedro guerrero

7 - 1981 permagraphic all-stars #5 davey lopes
8 - 1993 opc premier #115 jody reed
9 - 2000 upper deck ultimate victory #105 koyie hill

it doesn't look like that anymore, as i knocked four of the cards off the list, including this 1981 permagraphics all-stars davey lopes card
the nefarious 9, of course, are my most wanted cards.  i keep the list not only as a way to (hopefully) generate trades, but also as a reminder to myself.  this time around, there were no trades that included any of the cards on the list.  that makes sense, though, because this 1970 milton bradley tom haller
is fairly uncommon.  it's not expensive - i got this for cheap on comc - but it's not something most people have in their trade bait piles.

same for this 1978 kellogg's tommy john card
i'm hoping maybe someone does have a 1977 kellogg's doug rau sitting around.

finally, i picked up a 1993 ud sp mike piazza card, with not one
but two
plays at the plate.  and a nice look at the tim crews patch.

i've updated the nefarious 9 list - somehow, there are two jody reed cards on thers!  please, help a blogger out!

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